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Thread: Having Problems Socialising My Young Shar Pei (had a Fight Last Night)

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    They all have to now renegotiate their pack hierarchy as a new dog has been added to the mix. Snaps and spats do this and I ignore it unless it becomes serious.
    Things should settle as long as humans keep out of it.

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    if your really worried consider putting a muzzle on all of them and then letting them go together. that way they can sort themselves out but they will come to no harm if things get serious and you can break it up without the chance of being bitten yourselves
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    just a bit edgy :P

    for the most part they've been getting along really well. Playfighting a fair bit, which is great. Occasionally the staffy would have a go at Gypsy, a bark and a snarl, even getting her on the ground but not trying to hurt her, so I guess just trying to assert her dominance.

    Unfortunately 2 nights ago they had a fight over god-knows-what, and Gypsy copped a few injuries to her face and ear. Her face is swollen up and she's quite uncomfortable so we'll take her to the vet today. Keeping them mostly separated for now, and Gypsy's rather intimidated by her at the moment.

    Wasn't easy to get them apart either (yes, we did do what you're not supposed to do :P).

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    If they're injuring each other, that's too much and you will need to keep them separate when you're not available to supervise.

    You may also want to investigate getting a behaviourist in and you should definitely talk to the people at Shar Pei Rescue about what they'd suggest. They will take the Shar Pei back if this continues but you really don't want your dogs learning that they can fight like this so you must prevent it not stop it.

    Given that the play fighting is escalating - I'd stop them from doing that to prevent the bad fights starting.

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    You have two fighting dogs who are playing what you call roughly, I would guess that they are not really playing but trying to determine who will be the top dog between them... I have 6 adult staffords here atm and our rule is no skin contact... so they can play roughly bouncing each other around etc.. but without using teeth.. If you think of a sliding scale, number 1 being sitting quietly and number 10 being a fight... I keep the level of play at about 3 or 4... if they get to 6 or 7 its a quick step to 10 and much harder to control... I also use a rake in my hand... so that if they get rough I can step intowards them and with the rake seperate them quite easily (at level 3 / 4 ) (plastic garden rake) these dogs will need constant supervision, I would not be leaving them alone at all... but you should be able to all live together will minor changes to your routine... oh and walking them all together is great... walk for long distances each day if you can...

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    I agree with some of the other posters, Staffies and Shar Pei are renowned for being dog aggressive and you and your family are going to have to keep them separate and manage this situation very carefully, otherwise it could end badly.

    If you are planning on staying with your partner's parents for sometime, you really need to give a lot of thought as to whether or not this is a tenable situation for all of you having these dog aggressive dogs under the same roof. Even very experienced dog owners managing these type of situations, find it difficult and it can exact a heavy toll, both emotionally and physically on the humans, let alone the poor dogs. You will all have to be forever on your guard as all it takes is one slip up in keeping these dog aggressive dogs separate. You need to ask yourself if you and your family have the strength to manage this difficult situation and is it fair on the dogs.

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