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Thread: D og Training Cen tre Ber kshire P ark Sydney?

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    Can I ask why food refusal is so important to you?

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    And also there are lots of good tutorials on Youtube on dog training. If you find you can’t make it to a training centre these are very helpful.

    Some very creative ones on there too like how to teach your dog to get you a tissue when you sneeze!

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    Food refusal is important because of her diet and upsetting her stomach, as described above.
    We live in a rural area where fox baiting is common place.

    We have also had issues with our neighbour so any extra safety for her would be beneficial.

    Dogs get themselves in so much trouble by eating stuff they shouldnt. It would be good if even 80% of the time she wouldnt!

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    For food refusal you can start now with a game called "its yer choice", and once she's got the hang of it, place various food in various places and practice practice practice.

    I described it a couple of times in here, so it should come up on a search.

    6 to 9 months might be a bad time to send away a dog too.

    The other thing you can try and this is mean ie the dog associates the food with an immediate stomach upset... is to have a super saturated solution of salty water handy in a sports drink bottle and when she eats something she shouldn't dose her with a tablespoon ful or so of that. It will make her vomit or at least feel very ill. And she will be reluctant to eat that particular food again. Stopped my dog from eating pegs that way.

    Don't make your dog vomit if she's eaten something spikey though, it could do more damage coming back...

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    about 8 to 10 years ago, i had my kelpie trained at this place, just for obeidience. i asked lots of questions before taking him there, went all over there website too. in my experience, from the moment i walked into the park to see my dog, he did not want to come to me without the handlers say so, once i got him home he didnt listen to me, well hardly ever anyway it actually started once i walked out the gate of there yard, i said whats going on as i had just been shown how to handle him and i was told " he will test you when not in our training yards"? what the hell!! anyway once home i walked him everyday and giving him comands he had learnt when ever i could. 9 times out of 10 he would not listen. 1 month after i had him home he was the same dog again not listening, although i was walking him and keeping up with comands everyday.
    what i noticed when i was being shown how to handle him, was pretty much yank the chock chain and you'll get what you want.
    i just dont think it can all happen in 3 weeks, chock chains are the the whole answer and training with your dog would make a better bond. just was just my experiance at the centre.

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    May I ask What "ALARM BELLS" The K9 Centre rings for you. This is pretty narrow minded comment considering they are one of the VERY few trainers in Australia that are actually Government accredited police dog trainers and hold this certificate even your Steve Courtney is only a NDTF trained .... which anyone can do. It is so very sad that there is so many people out there that give advice to others yet they have no idea what they are talking about

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    This is a very old thread.

    Alarm bells are clearly outlined in our posts. You have addressed none of them. As best I can tell from the website - it doesn't say what an "australian certified dog trainer" is or what training is done to get it, or who awards the certification. At least with NDTF - you can look up the sylabus and check these things. And as best I can tell from the website - no current Australian Government entity takes dogs trained by that centre. They're all overseas or private entities - so we can't check dog welfare for those.

    And you haven't declared your interest in the centre - or told us what your story is with them.

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    (Maybe an old thread but the statute of limitation for defamation is still current)

    JulesD has past this on to me. I’m Martin Dominick owner of The K9 Centre.
    Australian Government Certified Dog Trainer - Certificate IV Royal Australian Air Force Police Dogs
    Certificate IV - Workplace Assessment and Training
    Hold other international government certificates relating to specialist canine training.
    Also we are currently training dogs for two Government entities. Due to proprietary contractual agreements they cannot be disclosed. However when the contracts are finished you will see the results on the website.

    I have been training dogs professionally for 27 years and normally we don’t enter into trivial conversations about who is better than who, however if comments are made about my business which I have spent many years building up it is important for us to balance the comments. In that way readers can make a more informed decision about the services they employ.

    Hyacinth, you and I are both passionate about the welfare of dogs and I imagine would agree on certain topics however our dog industry experience falls on different sides of the fence. As a result you have chosen to comment on a dog training entity you know absolutely nothing about.

    (This is also for Lala and any others who comment on dog boarding and training) We have successfully trained many dogs in a boarding and training environment for multiple reasons. We have very specific guidelines regarding the welfare, both physical and mental, of the dogs. Of course it is better to train both the owner and dog simultaneously but as we know it is not always an option. Many dogs just need to achieve a level of obedience through a suitable non abusive program that allows the owners to begin to enjoy them again. Without that program the dog may be euthanized or surrendered to a shelter. It is easy to say don’t send your dog to a dog training company who promotes boarding courses but the human dog relationship is much more complex than that and each training requirement needs to be assessed individually. Boarding ad training can be the answer.

    Many comments are made about protection dog trainers. Some of the comments about the seedy side of it are true. There are providers that believe that protection dogs are meant to be savage uncontrolled lunatics however we don’t employ or promote these methods. Protection dogs trained by us are a safe and reliable member of the family. Just because we train protection dogs doesn’t mean that we are abusive to dogs or don’t have the dogs best interests at heart.

    I fully respect your right to an opinion but would ask that you desist from defaming our business.

    This will be posted on our website for a greater audience to review and we welcome any further questions or comments and our contact numbers and emails are on the website. We are only too happy to spend time discussing dog training, dog welfare, and associated service provision.

    Yours Martin Dominick

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    i would never ever send my dog there again....... i sent my dog while i went overseas last year for 2 weeks.... they promised me the world and delivered an atlas.....

    as linkrobbo said, there answer was if he doesnt do what you want, yank the choke chain........ over the 2 week period my dog gained a heap of fat, looked like a blob, he managed to get a bad cough, the vet is assuming that this is from the constant yanking of the choke chain, and for a while he bacame very fearful of being put on the lead.......i asked them specifically wot work on recall and food refusal, both of which nothign was done about, nor taught to me when i went to pick him up..... there answer was "oh we didnt have time".

    i should have known better when i asked if i could see where the dogs slept etc and i was told that i wasnt allowed there (why im not sure), but here is a video of where they sleep........

    i would rather let my dog fend for himself at home then give him to these people again...... it took a while for me to stip the weight off him, and the medication for his throat wasnt cheap.....

    bitterly disapointed in their "service"

    and this isnt defermation, its an opinion by me based on the service i recieved..... you dont see maccas claiming defermation when someone says a big mac tastes like crap.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean View Post
    I love 2 things in this world. Spandex and reyzor... not necessarily in that order.

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    Reyzor and LinkRobbo

    I can only assume you mean the dog training place mentioned in the opening post - which is not the same as Martin Dominick's The K9 Centre

    It's a bit confusing when we're talking about two different places in two different locations.

    Martin - thanks for coming back and clarifying what your place is about. If there is any specific post about your establishment you consider to be defamatory - please hit the report button on it and we will fix it up. I would like to keep the thread if possible to present and address concerns and help people know how to identify the good training places from the "seedy" places as you put it.

    Personally, I'd still be concerned - about sending a dog away - even if it gets the very best of happy training - and then returning it to the place where it learned all its undesirable behaviours. I'm still of the opinion - it's the owner who needs training. If the owner gets back a dog they can't train - they will undo any good the boarding facility might have done.

    And if the dog is like mine - and any aversives get used - beyond "oops" in a neutral tone or withholding a treat or attention - eg slip collar is too much, and yelling at her is way too much - I will have a dog that requires months to years of careful rehab to get back what I had.

    PS the mention of it being an old thread - is so you are aware that some of the thread contributors may not be active on the forum any more. Eg Kerriek 99 hasn't been here since April.
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