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Thread: Dog Barks on and Off when I Go Out.

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    Default Dog Barks on and Off when I Go Out.


    I am really glad that I found this forum which I hope will help with my dogs (and that maybe I can help others). We have an ongoing issue with two of our four dogs). They are all mini foxie crosses (rescue dogs) aged between four and seven.

    We have hit a brick wall with our two older dogs (ages 6 and 7) who bark on and off all day when we go out. They had a history of so called separation anxiety after their owner passed away. We also heard that the previous owner kept them inside all the time, didn't train them and basically never left them.

    Over the three years we have trained these two dogs to walk on a leash (they understand the heel command but one is a bit dominant and I have to constantly remind him - he responds to a verbal command). The dogs seem desensitised to our going out routine, where I leave toys, the tv on and music playing. Often they just lie in their bed and don't follow me.

    However, about half the time when I go out, I hear that they started barking about five minutes after I leave, and do it on and off all day. Other times, they are almost silent. We have heavy curtains so they can't see out. Before I leave, I take the dog for an hour long walk and do games/ training with them (if I stay home after this they sleep all day, so it must wear them out).

    I have done training with them including desentising them to me leaving, hiding under the house and hitting the floorboards when they bark, and have also tried medication, dog appeasement pheramone, burning lavender oil, and massage.

    The dogs are all generally well behaved when I am home and do what I say, although one of the persistent barkers does get a little pushy.

    We also have resource guarding issues so I can't leave bones out for them. I tried this once and they were fighting within seconds and I had to go back.

    I don't know what else to do, this is becoming frustrating. Just when I think they are successful we have a setback.

    Personally they are probably not that bad, only one neighbour complains about them. If they were really bad sure all three neighbours plus the people over the road would complain?

    Thanks in advance,

    Brutus and Belle's mum

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    When you have a day off, you might try rewarding not-barking. Ie go out, and return just before the culprit would normally start barking, then go out again, and repeat maybe a little bit longer.

    Have you tried crate training them? If they're all in separate crates, they can't fight. Especially for the one who is pushing limits. Clearly that one needs a bit more training, probably doesn't have a good idea what it is supposed to be doing because being pushy has got it what it wanted in the past.

    To me it seems like it's possible that the four dogs are not entirely happy altogether when you're not there and sort things out among themselves.

    You need to talk to the neighbour that is complaining to find out more information about which dogs are barking, how many dogs are barking and if anything is triggering barking eg my dog barks when the local newspaper is delivered, when kids come home from school, and when people put bins out. And at cats and crows in the fig tree in the back yard. But it's not an all day thing. If your dogs are not barking continuously for more than 5 minutes in every hour, it's unlikely council will do anything. But it would really help if you talk to the neighbour. Maybe you can keep your dogs away from their side of your house.

    And dog barking is usually annoying for all the neighbours but only intolerable to the point of complaint for one. You might also talk to your other neighbours about how much they notice. If they're out when you're out, they're not going to notice either.

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    Thanks Hyacinth,

    I have spoken to all neighbours (including the one who complained) and they have all said "oh they don't bother us that much."

    We did have an unfortunate situation where a new neighbour moved in while we were out and all the dogs did was bark. If I had known they were going to move in I would have shut the dogs inside.

    When I go out I set up a voice activated recorder to tape their barking.

    Usually, they'll only bark a couple of minutes and hour but some days they really go nuts. It helped when I covered the windows and put music/ the tv on, and they have improved a bit with practice runs when I go out. Two of the dogs don't bark at all, one barks a bit and one barks alot (he is the pushy high energy one).

    Today, I tried tying up four bones outside and gave it a trial run (pretended to leave). There was no fighting (we have an issue with one dog that steals all the good stuff and guards it), presumably because they couldn't take the bones away.

    The barking culprit is still outside chewing the bone. So I am hoping to try this tomorrow when I am out for a few hours (and leaving some rawhide inside as well).

    The dogs get a fair bit of exercise - but I was wondering if it is harmful to give a small dog a bone each day.

    They don't eat all of it and there is more meat than fat on the bone. The vet has said no marrowbones. They don't tend to like stuff like greenies.

    I do have a crate and it works well for controlling the dogs in difficult situations (storm phobias etc) but I am a little worried about locking them up when I go out because I live a fair way from where I work.
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