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Thread: Sleeping Herdig in Tas?

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    Arrow Sleeping Herdig in Tas?

    Most likely posted this tread in the wrong place, sorry mods! You welcome to move it to right place.

    Im wondering does any one know were i can herding with my BC and Aussie? Im located in launceston, Tas.

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    Tasmanian Canine Association

    This is their list of "affiliates" ie associated clubs, breed, obedience and etc. It's not looking good. Not sure what working dog club is. And the ag shows usually have sheep herding competitions - so you could contact the one nearest you and ask who organises it and see if they know where you can learn.
    Tasmanian Canine Association

    This one is Lauceston based - does agility and tracking as well as obedience, they might know of who does herding...
    Training Dogs to be Useful Companions | Tasmanian Dog Training Club

    Otherwise - you might have to start one.

    Google suggests that the working dog club in Tas has a herding "sub committee" so I'd start with them.

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    There are a couple of different types of herding if you want to compete eventually in trials. There is the ANKC herding which is run through the Canine associations. This is open to dogs registered with ANKC.

    Then there is the Australian Working Sheep Dog Association type herding and trials and for this your dogs need to be registered on a working dog register. It can only be registered on this if it is from registered working bred dogs, or the dog is assessed for working ability by a one of their assessors. The trialing in this is a lot more testing than the ANKC type herding.

    So it really depends what dogs you have and what you want to achieve. It is all great fun regardless of which path you take. If you dont want to trial then it doesnt matter which you do.
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