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    please help!
    my dog rani is a big problem.when ever she sees something move or hears something she has to bark at it and I mean BARK. her bark is loud and the pitch is awful. the pitch is so high that when ever she barks she bursts my ear drum. please help me some one stop her barking.

    from ruff ruff.

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    first you teach her to bark on command - which should be easy given she likes to bark.

    Then you work on "Quiet" between barks.

    It also helps if you work on recall, so if she barks, you can distract her by giving her something else to do, ie come, sit, drop, quiet etc.

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    Default thank you

    thank you for your comment. I will try that and tell you if it worked or not.

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    Hi the other thing you could try is our dog has a tendancy to jump on the door if someone leaves the house, that is when he is inside with us. I am actually calling him back when someone goes to the front door and give him treats to keep him occupied and it does seem to work. So when someone comes in he doesn't try to run out the front door, at the moment that is. Give that a try it might actually work. Obedience school told me that it is never to late to try new things with them.
    Good luck

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