I wanted to start a blog about my DD little Staffy''s training progress, so here goes....

She is an eight month old Staffy, who is really hyper and smart. She seems to have boundless energy and doesn't tire easily. She came into season last week and also was stung by a bee on her lips, I'm sure she was eating the bee her muzzle was about twice to three times it's original size, poor pooch, it was a huge week for her, I don't think she learn't a lesson from the experience though, she was back chasing moths the next day. We did notice that she was exhausted after being at the vets, so thinking that she get's tired when she is mentally drained. Would love to try to do more mental exercises with her to help tire her out. She seems to have the energy of a kelpie.

I have started training her on our walks together, sitting and doing little stays, which she seems to be responding well with, even though she bounces up pretty much as soon as she thinks she's ready. She is walking well, untill there is a distraction, either sound, smell or visual. She is very much prey driven, she goes into that drive extreamly easily. I'ts usually visually stimulated. I can leave a toy behind us when we go for a walk and on our return, ask her to find it, which she does, think I will have to start to hide it now rather than leaving it out where she can see it.

She absolutely loves fetching her rope or ball, but that game has become out of control, I guess we have let her get away with something. She will sit and just manage to wait untill the object is thrown for her, but on her return she leaps and snatches the rope from our hands, or won't drop the ball. We used to be able to have two objects and she would sit and drop the first object while the second object was thrown, but this has gone out the window a bit, to say the least. I have to figure out how to turn this game back into a fun game for us humans and have some level of control over it with the dog.

Even though she adores tug games, we have heard these arn't good to play, and as she is a hyper super exited type of dog, we don't play these with her.

I've started implementing sitting before she get's any attention or action also.

Her owner will be starting obedience classes with her soon.