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Thread: Training at a Boarding School

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    Default Training at a Boarding School

    Hi everyone,

    Now im new to the forum and new to dogs lol..
    a little info about myself and dog before i ask the question.
    My cousine has given me his 10month old German Shepherd as he has moved overseas and could not bring him with him.
    So now i've got this beautiful dog whom i adore and love very much i've been with him since he was 8 weeks old see him on a regular basis (about twice a week) now he lives me.
    One problem though my cousine never really trained him!!!
    Ive been doing some research over the internet this past week and have spotted a boarding school for dogs where they teach my dog the basic obedince tasks such as sit, drop, come, stay etc.
    My question is, If i take my dog (Mali) to this boarding school will they teach Mali these tasks properly and when he comes home will he automatically be a "good boy" lol.
    I take him on a walks everyday and have tooken him with me to cafe's but have to stop taking him because he is always launging at people and wants them to pat him i just want him to be relaxed and sit while im there so he is not a nusense to others, will this 'boarding school' teach him things like that?
    It costs alot of money so i want to know what i am exacly paying for.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanking you in advance


    (i will post pics of Mali ASAP)

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    PS, Sorry for the long message.

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    IMO, I'd spend your time and money on a good behaviourial consult instead so you can have someone show YOU how to teach your dog how to behave.

    I'm not a fan of boarding and training for a lot of reasons.

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    I find that if someone else teaches your dog, they will not always listen to you.

    I do all the training at our house.
    They have good recall and do some tricks. If I give the command, they do it instantly, if my OH says the commands, they are hesitant or sometimes ignore him.

    I would do as smeagle suggested and take him to an obedience school weekly so that you are a)learning how to teach him correctly and b)YOU are teaching him, reinforcing your position as the alpha.

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    You need to learn together. Sending him off might teach him something, but if you don't do it with him it won't make any difference.

    Try and find a local dog club or similar - they often run things like basic obedience classes. You will save a fortune, both of you willlearn together and you might make some new friends as well.

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    The only 'boarding' schools that I am aware of are not the kind of thing I would send my dog to. I have heard of some horrific training methods used and they are also hideously expensive.

    As others have said, you also need to be trained in partnership with your dog and you can't do this with the boarding style of training.
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    I too can't see the point of boarding school for your dog without you. You need to learn how to train the dog. It's pointless sending it off to someone else if you don't learn too. And there are a couple of places that ruin dogs (make them fearful and aggressive) - so you really want to do research other than the internet websites and etc before you decide on that.

    The best thing you can do is find a good dog club, that uses mostly rewards based training and will let you use a flat collar and maybe a clicker or the principles behind a clicker like using the word "yes" as a bridge. And a club that has some understanding of basic learning science like classical and operant conditioning.

    I don't know what state you are in so I can't link you your local list of obedience dog clubs. But there will be a state dog organisation website with links for all their affiliated clubs there.

    meantime have fun with these.
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    I wouldn’t like to leave someone with my dog – Better you use the training methods you like. For example I would never use a choke chain and would hate for Johnny to go somewhere that did.

    Chances are there is an obedience school nearby you and you develop a better relationship taking the dog yourself – plus you know how to train and command the dog properly. That and obedience clubs are much cheaper than expensive boarding/training schools!

    You also have to remember your dog is still a puppy – puppies misbehave and aren’t perfect. A training school isn’t going to turn a puppy into a full trained dog.

    Remember patience is very important.

    Good luck training!

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    ok guys and girls,

    well thanks alot for all you input its much appreciated.

    One more question, and im sure its been asked hundreds of times over the forum but cant seem to find it.

    I geusse my cosuoine never really got him socializing with other dogs and people before, so now ive got the problem of Mali jumping on everyone he see's just out of excitment i geusseand whenever im walking him and someone walks past me Mali always pulls the lead and tries to go for them.

    What are some sort of ways to try to get him to stop this.
    Would anyone have any tips?

    Thanks again.

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    Hi Mali

    If I were you I would investigate dog obedience schools near you, as in addition to Mali learning commands etc, you will be instructed on how to interact with him and get him to respond to you, and it will help with socialisation. It sounds like he needs to learn some doggy manners and there's really no better place for you him to learn, and for you to learn how to make him learn, than in a supportive environment with people experienced at dog handling and training. So you basically get 3 benefits in one!

    You'll also be able to get some assistance with general dog ownership questions etc, which I'm sure will come up all the time! It doesn't matter how experienced you are at owning dogs, everyone can learn more and learn from the way other people approach their dogs etc.

    I agree with what everyone said about boarding school - while he might come back knowing some 'tricks', what you really want is a good partnership and bond with your dog. Training together is a great way to establish that, and you're ripping yourself off if you send him away for someone else to do it! In addition to all the other reservations people expressed

    So yes, in short - obedience school! You'll be amazed at the difference it will make in the control you are able to have over him, and will teach you how to handle him, and him to handle himself, so you can go to cafes and have him sitting quietly beside you. Trust me, my little dog now is perfect like that, and it's a blessing compared to some of the unruly dogs that I've had/looked after in the past, because I never did adequate training!

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