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Thread: Training at a Boarding School

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    Hi Mali

    The answer to what to do about dog jumping on people is in the dog star daily link I gave you.

    Basically you teach the dog how to sit. In as many different places and circumstances as possible. And when new people show up, you ask the dog to sit. If he's too excited to listen, get the people or the dog to back off. And try again. Do not let him greet anyone until he can hold a nice sit.

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    Hi Mali,
    This kind of behaviour (jumping on other dogs) is really common in dogs who have not been socialised much. The problem is two fold....
    1. You need your dog to listen to you around other dogs and learn how to play nicely.
    2. But, your dog hasn't been socialised much so he is too excited/distracted to listen to you.

    So what do you tackle first, obedience training or socialisation....
    As Allie said, an obedience school is your best option, the only problem will be he will be so excited about being around other dogs, he will probably take little notice of you. Therefore, you need to pair obedience training with appropriate off lead socialisation with non-reactive dogs, that may give your dog a growl if he over steps the social boundaries.

    Dogs that have not been adequately socialised develop 'pressure cooker' behaviour, unless their need for socialisation is met, you will find it very difficult to train around other dogs.

    I am working with a client (with a 2yo GSD) in the same position as you. We socialise her dog in a fenced area, off lead, and intersperse these socialisation sessions with off lead obedience (heeling, come, stay). It's amazing that once your dog gets to be around other dogs off lead for a while you will find the obedience (that you have been working on at home) will fall in to place around other dogs.

    It's a slow process and you must be proactive in arrange lots and lots of play dates with different dogs. Ideally you should have a trainer with you during these socialisation/training times until your confidence at reading dogs grows.

    All the best.

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