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    Hi,, our dog (small poodle cross) gets very excited around our baby. He does alot of sniffing and licking which isnt ideal, but we let it happen for a bit (watching them like a hawke). However this eventially turnings into mouthing/light nipping and then we have to seperate them before it escalates).

    Given our baby is becoming more mobile (not yet crawling) this is going to become a big problem because it will be harder to seperate them all the time.

    Any suggestions on how I deal with this.. I obviously need to work out a consistent way of handling this situation without the baby becoming a negative for the dog.

    We have tried a play pen, but the dog gets quite anxious when he is seperated from the baby and there are bars.. he just tries to get to the baby.

    I think we need a way to let the dog know that he is doing the wrong thing - this is one time when I am unable to "ignore" bad behaviour.

    Thanks for your suggestions.

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    Just wondering if noone has responded because this issue I am having is uncommon or whether I need to provide further information ?

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    You need to hire a great behaviourist to come and see you and your dog.

    This is one of those stuations where to get advice and follow it from the internet is dangerous and could lead to injury or fatality.

    If you can give us a rough idea of where you are located someone will be able to recommend a behaviorist for you.

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    here is a website which may give you some helpful information- Dogs and Babies…Learning to Live Happily Ever After

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    Hi TysonSJ,
    There are a number of dog whisperers around the place. Basically they can advise you/assist you in correcting behaviour issues with dogs, irrespective of age. There is one place in North Ringwood in Melbourne that I highly reccommend, they are called Eastern Companion Dog Training ( I have seen how great they are. They understand dog psychology and behavioural patterns and can correct them. They really are top class in my opinion.
    I also met a lady in the street a few weeks back whilst I had my dog sitting on the ground next to me and handed me her card and suggested to contact her if my dog (or anyone that I knew) had problems with their dog's behaviour. Her name is Rona and her number is 03 9725 8371. I haven't seen the results of her work, but she was very confident in her approach and my dog was quite calm when she approached. He is generally really well behaved, but is wary of strangers approaching.
    So for an issue like your's I'd really suggest to seek professional assistance.

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    You haven't got much hope trying to explain to a dog or baby what the *wrong* thing is and *not* to do it.

    Much more chance of success if you try to teach your dog what you do want. Eg have dog bed and encourage and reward the dog for staying there no matter how exciting the baby gets. Ie give the dog loads of praise and treats for staying on his bed.

    For help with your training - I recommend Steve Courtney at K9 Pro The K9 Professionals; Dog Training and Behaviour Site if he's not near where you live, ask him to recommend someone. And read all the articles on his website. Do try the triangle of temptation with your dog, at least the bit where it must stay put before you let it have dinner. Eg start with 1/2 a second and build up time.

    As you have already seen - letting your dog approach and lick your baby tends to escalate into behaviours you don't want. So do not let the approach or licking happen at all. Reward for staying on his bed. Keep him on lead attached to you if you have to.

    If you decide to crate train him (good for him - protects him from the baby too), make sure you reward good behaviour in the crate instead of trying to stop bad behaviour. Ask for a sit, and reward etc.

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    Thanks everyone for your responses.

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