Our 11 month Golden Retriever has been house broken since she was around 6 months. She had accidents every now and then but usually she can hold it until we let her out. We leave the back door open all day so she can walk in and out during the day. In the morning she is let out around 7 and her last wee is at 11 or 12pm (she sleeps inside). Lately we send her out on her own in the back yard (not on the leash anymore) but I usually check if she goes and then let her wander for a bit before she comes in. In the last week she has done a poo and a few wees in the morning (evendough she was let out at night). She has never done a poo in the house (not even when she was a pup). We never catch her in the act to discipline her, so I wonder if she really knows that she is not supposed to wee in the house? Any suggestions what is happening or what we have done wrong? Thanks