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Thread: Weird Behaviour when Coming Home?

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    I have 2 dogs, a male & female both around 2 years old. They are both generally well-behaved, and respond to our commands. They get along well - sleep together, play chasey, share dinner. However, when we get home after being away for more than about an hour, our male dog goes a bit crazy and tries to play-fight with our female.
    He doesn't bite her or show aggression, he just jumps around her like he's trying to get her attention, makes a weird growling/bark noise (doesn't sound aggressive) and mouths her (she ends up with gross slobber all over her fur). She doesn't really respond to him, just kind of looks annoyed.. she kind of cowers a little to just avoid him, because she's trying to get to us for a 'hello' cuddle.
    We're able to get him to stop at the time (sometimes by pointing and looking 'disapproving' at him, or distracting him for a cuddle) but he just does it again the next time?!
    We're not worried as it's not aggressive and just playful, but I just don't understand the behaviour? Plus it really annoys our female and takes all the fun out of our 'hello' cuddles
    Also, he doesn't do this if he's just been sleeping when we get home (he still gets up and gets excited, you can just tell he's been sleeping from his slower, happy whole-body-wag)
    Also also, he does this behaviour even before we've entered the house.. they see us at the fence and that's when he'll start.

    Any advice is appreciated!

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    my guess would be is he is competing with her for your affection FIRST. he might not be aggresive but it is still a show of dominance and by you telling him off before you go to her means he gets first attention, and you can see by you cuddling him as a "distraction" he is definately getting first dibs on your attention, dunno how to fix this, I would probably try ignoring him and cuddle the girl until he sits and behaves and then cuddle him, and hopefully each time you do this, the time it takes for him to sit and behave will be less and less until the bad bejhaviour doesn't happen anymore (sorry for bad spell/grammer been long day at work it's late)

    hope this helps and makes sense

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    When I get home from being out without my dog, I go straight out the back to where my dog is supposed to go to the toilet (since she stays inside and I don't have a dog door), and I act boring until she's gone to the toilet. And then I might pat her. Or I might go unpack the car. And then I might pat and play with her.

    I know it's great when your dogs are over the moon excited to see you when you get home but it can lead to problems - like barking for the entire time you are out, or competing with more and more aggression for your attention when you get home.

    I think it's best to ignore the dogs for about five minutes and then only say hello if they're being well behaved ie ask for a sit, and if you get it you can have a party with your dog but if you don't, then continue to pretend the dog isn't there. No eye contact, no talking to it or yelling at it.

    If there is clearly a hierachy ie one dog is definitely boss of the other, ask them both to sit, and great the boss dog first. Because I think that helps the boss dog feel secure and he's less likely to take out any frustration on the other dog (fight) that way. At least I think that's Val Bonney's take on it.

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    Will try these suggestions.. I guess I just have to be persistant, which is hard when I'm just as excited to see them as they do me! Maybe I should tone down my own excitement as well

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    Im a bit different to everyone else and I am wondering if it really matters to you?

    My dogs great me super excited when I get home and our younger much smaller female will do something similar to our older much larger male. We just leave it, Barney will let her know when and if he has had enough. We only stop it if it becomes excessive and continues for a long time and then usually a "uh uh" or "enough" ends it.

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    It only matters to me in the sense that I'm trying to understand my dogs, so really just trying to understand why he does it. For example, if it's an insecurity he has, I'd like to make him feel secure, or if he's doing it because he wants attention, then we know to devote more 'play time' with him. He seems to have A LOT of behavioural issues, so just trying to work out what they all mean.

    The behaviour is in no way aggressive, so I'm not worried about it in that respect, but my little girl does get pretty annoyed. She won't react to him though because she's trying to get attention from us. If we ignore him, he does just keep doing it, and if we tell him off, he doesn't even listen (normally can get him to stop doing ANYTHING).

    Got them both to sit yesterday when I got home, and bent down to give them both a cuddle. He's very behaved when told to sit, and he was perfect, didn't bother her at all. She, on the other hand, won't leave me alone when I reward him.

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