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    Question Walking New Territory!

    Hey guys,

    This morning we took a 'new' route for our walk..... we have previously walked it but not for a few months now.

    Boof n Lilly were two different dogs this morning on our walk.

    Ok so when we walk:
    Stop = exactly that stop
    Sit = we do that at every road crossing
    Wait = in the sit position til I say
    OK = you can walk on now

    (that process happens everytime we need to cross a road, and in between just to reinforce it).

    Walk = walk at my pace (no running ahead, stopping to sniff etc etc, basically continue with me until I say otherwise)

    This is a work in progress, Boof does it 99% of the time without being told, Lilly needs to work in that department, she is very skitty and unfocused, a leaf gets her attention, LOL.

    Anyway this morning, they would stop as normal, sit as normal, wait was a lil ordinary, some times good others they just wanted to get going. Walk was out the window, no compliance at all.

    Everytime they failed to follow command, I'd simply stop walking, get their attention back, get a sit and then OK and off we'd go.

    There were patches of perfection, but there was patches of horrible.

    Do I just need to walk 'NEW' paths more often and desensitise to different environments and practice their 'commands' in these environments?

    This is the first time they've been like this on a different walking route.... maybe they were just in a mood, they were up at 5.30am playing chasies and wrestles, which normally doesn't happen.

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