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Thread: Problems with Training My Pup to Walk.

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    Unhappy Problems with Training My Pup to Walk.

    Hello, my names jimmy, I am new to the site. I have a little Chiwowa puppy, she 9 months old. The problems i am having with her is in training her to walk on a lead. Prob is i have spoilt her to much and she doesnt much like to listen to me.

    When i have her on the lead, she ends up going crazy, jumping around, doing flips and sometimes even hurting herself. Most the time she just lies on the ground very upset, i dont think she understand what im trying to teach her. Have tryed food rewards, which hasnt helped.

    I need her to be able to walk on a lead so i can eventually take her for walks in the local park. Alrdy have used the search function to search for this problem, couldn't find anything, sorry if this problem has been posted before.

    I dont want to make the problem any worst or make her dislike me. I love her to bits and just need some advice as to what i can do to help her.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Chihuahua's are notorious for not walking on leads really well. Even a lot i see at dog shows spin around and do flips when on lead. I suggest you take things slowly, let the dog drag the lead around so it gets used to it. After a few days of this, try picking the lead up while sitting on the floor, call the dog to you as you slowly put some pressure on the lead, keep this up until she comes to you willingly. Next try doing this while standing up, and slowly backing away from the dog as she comes to you, make the distance you back away longer and longer. As the dog gets used to this, try walking normally, and taking her outside to try it. You have to remember a lot of things are scary for Chihuahuas because of there size, you have to be patient and persistant. Hope this helps

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    Thankyou very much for your advice, i will def try that.
    Well keep everyone updated as to her progess.
    She may be small but i know, i will be able to walk her.

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    I love chi's... what are you walking her on... if you have tried a collar and lead, you might want to change to a harness or vice versa... at 9 months if you pup is still struggling you may need some tough love... have you tried walking with another dog... and I like the advice in previous post...

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    Hi Jimmy,

    I have a chi as well. He walks on a lead like an expert now.

    I recommended using a harness - When we first started out he used to choke himself! A harness made the whole process for us easier.

    Some basic obedience will help you with getting your Chi to listen to you as well. Sitting and fetching are excellent fun for my boy. Make sure you use special treats for training - when a chi is being difficult regular kibble just won't cut it! Lots of praise is necessary too.

    We started out just walking around the yard and leaving the lead on while I hung out the washing. It is a process but you will get there! Just be persistent and don't give in to those sad dog eyes.

    Johnny even walks next to me now when we go out on the lead - No more "sled dog"

    Good luck!

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    Put a light small lead on her and just let her walk around the house with it on till she gets 100% used to it. Then start walking her around the house until she has no issue, and then take it outside.
    Oh and its spelt Chihuahua, sorry, its a pet peeve of mine
    Education not Legislation

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    Thanks again for all the feedback, have bough her a harness, she's still very much dislikes it, have been leaving it on her thru the day in hopes she will get use to it.
    Shes a very smart little pup and i think i may have unfortunately let her get away with too much bag behaviour. She's just so cute and little i find it hard to get mad at her. But as one of you said maby its time i gave her some tough love.
    Will keep on persisting and will keep you all updated.
    Yes bit embrassing i didnt know how to spell chihuahua.
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    I dont have a chihuahua but I have a small dog and I use a harness and a very light lead (as in, if I dropped it she probably would think it was off its so light).

    I used to find her to be horried to walk on a collar with a heavier lead.

    She is 2 now though almost so I can walk her either way and she is fine.

    Good luck.

    There is a tiny tiny wee chi that walks off lead with its owners in my area and hes such a cutie. The only tme I saw him with a lead on, the lead was just a piece of string LOL

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