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Thread: Staffies Fighting

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    Kevin, I just have to say that I find your devotion to your dogs very inspiring. They must be wonderful, because the more you put in the more you get back (that's what I love about dogs). I wish you and your furry mates all the very best. Sue

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    A bit of an update with the 2 dogs. My daughter and I have spent a lot of time working with the dogs and racking our brains out to spot any "triggers". We are able to get them together for for short periods of time only separating the when we detect things are about to go bad. The time spans vary and they are fine until one starts to sniff the other, that will start them becoming agro, it's just hard to understand when the first 15 months were event free? The younger male is an excellent guard dog and does have a more aggressive streak in him. I recently took him to the vets and he responded well to any other dog that came in, then a person entered with a Staffie and he went crazy. We will keep working at it, when I got him it was for better or for worse and a life time commitment so he will always have a home. The older Staffy male is currently recovering from surgery. I noticed a lump / growth that appeared 6-8 weeks ago and got the vet to have a look, tests revealed it to be a cancerous mast cell tumour. He was operated on that morning and the vet found another smaller tumour close by. Both were removed and sent for pathology tests. I have to admit i got emotional about it and was a mess until the results came back. Fortunately it was detected in time and while an aggressive tumour he got it all and the prognosis great. Vet said he will expect Floyd to die from old age or something else but not the dreaded cancer. A few people thought the $600.00 + spent saving him was a waste...they obviously have never owned a Staffy!! Cheers Kein.

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    Thanks for the updates! Good to hear you are still working on it.

    Our staff growing up never had any warning signals and each time she was set off it could be a completely different thing. But my mum worked that situation for 11 years and in the end she did have the BC and the staff (both desexed bitches) in the back yard together...however, if noone was in the backyard then the staff went on a chain and that way the BC could move away from her if she got heated.

    Despite her little DA streak Rosie was a gorgeous, gorgeous little dog.

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    Thanks for the updates.

    As for the 15 months event free - dog was still maturing...

    Dog Training Article - Puppy Development Schedule - K9 Pro

    As my dog got to around 2 yo, she started standing up for herself when other dogs were rude to her. Before, she used to just let them. Now she tells them off loudly not bitey. And so far they've all backed down.

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