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Thread: Best Tricks to Teach a Dog

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    Gillby lol Gypsy is hardly a big dog. She is a pure bred Kelpie weighing a whole 13 kg and no matter hom much or what I feed her she has never put on even 100grms. I might try as she is halfway there with her 'up' command.
    She is not allowed on the carpet as well think she might be allergic to the carpet that is in most of the rooms, so she is resticted to Lino and tiles.

    My 3yr old son loves that game Crested, sadly our hallway is not quiet long enough for adults to get more than a few steps of a brisk jog lol. We often do that on our walks though She stops on dead on a dollar beside me. Will have some games of it when the sun comes out for a bit

    gold-dog I will try some of those. She knows where her treats are so should be easy lol, and crawl should be fun. especially since my OH ex-army cadets can have army crawl competitionsin the back yard hehe. Gypsy is food motivated but mainly she is driven for affection and praise, which i think is a reason why she loves to learn
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