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    my border collie, charlie, is nou about 13 months old and had started barking towards other male dogs ( not towards females! ). I don't really know how to adress this behaviour. any suggestions?

    Also I tried to go for a bike ride with charlie but I've got a border collie so he tries to herd my bike.. how can I get him to just walk beside me?

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    Barking at other male dogs...

    1. teach Charlie to bark on command. Then teach him to be quiet on command.
    2. when Charlie starts barking at another dog, back him off a bit if you can, and then stand facing Charlie but in the way of his view of the other dog. This is called "blocking". Reward any attention Charlie gives you instead of the other dog

    Bike riding with dog.
    Start with walking with bike, and deal with it as per the blocking. Walk the dog on one side and the bike on the other and reward a good heel and attention on you and ignoring the bike. Progress to running with the bike, somebody else riding the bike nearby, and then you walking straddling the bike etc.

    Be aware that the current Australian Road Rules make riding a bike holding a dog lead or with dog lead attached to bike - illegal on public roads, footpaths and "road related areas" which may include bike tracks. You need to be on private property or designated dog and bike riding areas. Or not get caught, and never have or cause an accident.

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    It can depend on why your dog is barking at other male dogs. If the dog is a little fearful and not confident I would follow what Hyacinth suggests and eventually he should focus on you as a default behaviour rather than the other male.

    I have an 18 month old unneutered male BC and he is a very confident dog. If he barks or growls at another male I will give him a correction through his lead and say very sharply "aargh aargh". I get him quickly to focus on me and will reward him for this.

    I very rarely use corrections on my dogs but this is one habit I wont tolerate and I make it quite clear to my dog that I dont intend too. He however will generally only do this to other males if they challenge him first. He doesnt do it much now because he understands I dont like and my actions will be swift.
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