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    My boyfriend and I bought a rotti pup and he is now nearly 8 months old, training had been some what of a challenge in some areas but walking was a strange one. Zack loves going for walks but isn't keen on his lead, we take him to an enclosed park near us And let him play around in the cOmfort that it is fully enclosed. We have found that when walking he will walk by our side off lead but when on lead he will stop at everything and pull on the lead, as he is quite a big dog I prefer to have him off the lead as even at 8 months he is pulling me along lol but our vet has told us not to let him off lead just want your thoughts if it's ok to encourage lead free walking ( we don't let him off lead on streets) he is playful with other dogs and he runs around tires himself out and then when he's ready to go back he comes backto us sits himself down at our feet.

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    Taking your dog to obedience school will help you learn to teach him to walk nicely on a leash. I trained my dog to do so without going to obedience school.

    It is NEVER ok to walk a dog off leash unless in a council designated off leash area. Anything could happen and as you say, he is a larg strong dog.

    If you don't want to go to obedience school then look here: Dog Star Daily they have instructions on teaching your dog loose leash walking.

    You will be caught and you will be heavily fined by a council ranger for walking your dog off leash. Your dog could see someone's cat or small dog and chase it, your dog could even be attacked or attack something. Leash laws are there for a reason. It is reprehensible and irresponsible for you to decide that they do not apply to you, they are there for your protection and the protection of others around you.

    I don't mean for this to sound like I'm preaching or that I think your dog is dangerous. My point is that anything can happen and without the leash you will automatically be at fault unless you are in the designated off leash areas.

    Oh and for the record - doesn't matter how friendly your dog is, others dogs may not be so friendly. Calling out "Don't worry, he's friendly" isn't much of a consolation to people with Dog Aggressive dogs who just want to take their dogs for a walk.
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    when on lead he will stop at everything and pull on the lead
    You need to fix this. Yes dogs find leads annoying and will let you know, and it is up to you to let the dog know who is boss. If you choose to ditch lead training because the dog is annoying when he's on lead, you're not the one in charge. Ie the dog is training you, not the other way about.

    So do not reward pulling by taking one step in the direction of the pull. Stop, wait till the dog pays attention to you, and ideally comes back to you so the lead is loose and then praise like you won the biggest lotto you can imagine. If he likes food, give him some of his favourite treats too. Then step in the direction *you* want to go. And repeat the whole deal if the dog pulls at all (in any direction).

    You may also want to invest in a harness that has a clip point in the middle of the dog's chest, aka "front attach harness", as this will give you more leverage (stopping power) over your dog than a collar or ordinary behind the shoulders sled dog harness.

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