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Thread: Peeing Indoors when Raining

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    Default Peeing Indoors when Raining

    Milo is a 6 month old kelpie and he knows to do all his toiletting outside in the backyard. He would wait at the door when he needs to go (but just stares at the door without a sound). For the past few days it's been raining here in Sydney, and Milo has been peeing indoors on the floor. I don't know if it's because he doesn't like toiletting in the rain or if he's forgotten about where he needs to pee...

    It's not often so I don't think he's marking for territory. It only happens once a day (well night time when he's allowed indoors) and in big puddles - which I guess is full emptying of his bladder. Normally he would go out several times during the night to go toilet, but he seems like he's been holding it in. We leave the door open for him to walk out himself, but as soon as his feet get wet from the rain on the floor, he stops and comes back inside.

    Is there a way for him to pee outside when it's raining?

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    Most people you will find experience the same or similar issues during periods of rain, including me.

    Many dogs do not like to get wet.

    The best solution, if it is possible, is to have an area under cover that they can go to toilet, such as an awning over a patch of grass.

    I don't have this luxury so I use evey opportunity of a respite in the rain and I take them outside with me. I find if I wander about the garden, looking at plants and things, they will begin to start sniffing around and they will go to the toilet. In dry weather, they would go out through the dog door when they needed to go and I would not have to encourage them.

    Treat your dog a bit like a new puppy and take him outside regularly and you should be right. Restricting his access in the house as well will also help.
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    I take my dog outside into the middle of the lawn when it is raining to make sure she gets her feet wet, and then I give her the command to go toilet, and she's not getting back inside until she's performed - at least a pee.

    We had an Aussie Terror who would pee on the carpet in preference to going out in the rain. So when it was raining - it was like puppy training over again, we'd carry her out there, and once her feet were wet she'd go, because she knew she wasn't getting back inside where it was warm and dry until she had.

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    Mine doesn't like to get her feet wet either.
    She pee's on the brick pavement under the veranda when it rains.

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