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    Hi, I've got a 9yro male staffie who I adopted from a rescue group when he was 5. About 9 months after I adopted him he was attacked by another dog while out walking (on his lead). Since then he will attempt to attack other male dogs when we are out for a walk. Before he was attacked he got on well with all other dogs and we regularly went to the dog park for exercise.

    He is a bit of an escape artist so is regularly getting out of our yard, but I don't think he has bothered to attack any dogs when he's out on his own - I think I would have been contacted by someone if he had. It seems to be when he's out with me and our other staffie (female), and it doesn't seem to be any different if he's on a lead or not.

    We always keep him on a lead (harness) now when we are out of the backyard because we can't take the risk with him. But because other people don't always have their dogs on a lead this can pose a problem when the other dog comes running over to him, but only if that dog is male??? I'm thinking of purchasing a muzzle to put on him everytime we go out of the yard so I can be certain he won't hurt other dogs - can anyone recommend one? I've tried the soft mesh ones but he seems to get them off to easily.

    He is so friendly towards people, especially kids and he's also really good with female dogs. Can anyone offer any advice or suggestions on what I can do to try and stop him from attacking other dogs? I wish I could have the dog back that I originally adopted.

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    You need to build a secure run for him so he can't get out. I get the horrors thinking about the trouble he can get in on his own, from (being kidnapped for) dog fights, to car accidents, to snail bait (people do put it in their unfenced front yards).

    You also need to work on his dog aggression. Something you are doing is encouraging him or failing to discourage him from getting aggressive. Eg yelling at your dog or yanking him around, or continuing the walk, or the other dog leaving. If he loves a walk, something that should click in his head, is if he so much as lunges at another dog, you turn around and take him straight home, lock him up and then take the other dog back out without him. If you think he only carries on when the other dog is there, try walking them separately for a while to check this.

    I recommend you get a professional in who can look at what is going on and devise a system for reducing and then stopping it. If you're in Sydney/Newcastle area I'd recommend Steve at K9 Pro The K9 Professionals; Dog Training and Behaviour Site , if not, send him an email or call him and ask him to recommend someone in your area.

    Have a read of the articles on his website too. Especially the one about choosing a trainer/behaviourist. You need the training as much as your dog so do not accept someone who takes the dog away and won't let you see what they do.

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