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    Exclamation Desperate for Help

    I really need some help, we are fostering a Qld Flood dog named "Eve", there is one problem that im paticulary concerned about. Who ever owned her as a puppy we think has taught her to use her mouth for playing.

    She jumps up and knocks me over (im a not a small bloke) she nips (playing) my arms, hands, legs and she even bites my bum. I have tried crossing my arms and turning my back to her but once she gets going its hard to stop her. I dont want to hit her or any other sort of negative treatment like that. I try to calm her down but i usally have to leave the backyard untill she is calm. Im starting to feel like i have to defend myself at times not that its aggressive its just very overwhelming. She has scrached and bitten me quite badly. Advice anyone?

    More information about her:

    She is approx 2 years old (We think she is alot younger)
    She is a Rottie
    Very Large - very stong
    Walks perfectly on lead although in the dog park she dosent really listen much?????????

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    I have a Cattle dog that does the same thing when she is excited (she too nips me on the bum!!)

    I ignore it and pretty much do what you do. Over time the behaviour has decreased but not entirely.

    I'll be interested in the reply's from people who can give you great advice.

    On another note, good on you for fostering a dog in their hour of need. Do you know where the owners are? Poor Eve, must be a confusing time for her.

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    No the old owners are unknown, she was going to be kicked out of the pound, because brisbane pounds either have parvo or bursting at the moment. I love rotties and have a deep respect for them. I want her to have good manners so she can be adopted. Im fostering her throu ARQ

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    Rotties are an amazing breed. I grew up with them and Mum and Dad will never be without at least one Rottie in the house!!

    I hope someone comes in here for some good advice for you. Good luck finding her the perfect home. You never know maybe her original owners will find her one day.

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    There is something I have found that works well with some dogs. That is you get a can of "compressed air" from a computer store (they use it to clean keyboards) and when she jumps up on you or is going to jump you spray it down your body between you and the dog. the cold air and/or the sound is enough to make them think twice. If not you can try spraying it on their chest/front legs. I have heard it working really well
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    Quote Originally Posted by timmy88 View Post
    She jumps up and knocks me over (im a not a small bloke) she nips (playing) my arms, hands, legs and she even bites my bum. I have tried crossing my arms and turning my back to her but once she gets going its hard to stop her.
    Because she's already 2 and this behavior's been going on for I guess that long without any correction it's now harder to suppress it. I wouldn't just turn my back on her. As soon as she starts actind silly, I would turn and walk away. Calming her and petting may just increase the behavior because it acts as an approval. I jump and bite, you talk to me softly and pet me - I get what I want - attention. See the pattern? So, I would try calm approach and no patting or anything until she sits - practice sit-stay. In playing, I would also start the same and slowly progress to whatever you want to do when playing. I wouldn't encourage rough play such as tug-a-war at least not until you're certain she knows the true meaning of the word "stop", or "enough" or "leave it". When playing I'd rather use problem solving games (searching, getting her a ball or plastic bottle with some kibble in it) and mind games than physical play such as playing with ball. Just for start, but after a while you can gradually start playing with ball as well.

    So, she will figure it out. I'm rough - he leaves, no interaction whatsoever, no talk, no you at all. I sit - I get a pat or a treat.
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    How lovely to foster her and teach her manners so she can be adopted. Good luck.

    Unfortunately, I don't really have any advice. My dogs are allowed to mouth but are taught "gentle" so it doesn't hurt, and to stop when told so that makes me pretty useless in the "stop biting" stakes.

    I hope you get it sorted soon

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    Timmy, where do you live. I am happy to donate my time and advice to help you.

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