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Thread: Need Help! Our 2 Young Dogs Still Poo Inside at Night!

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    Default Need Help! Our 2 Young Dogs Still Poo Inside at Night!

    We have 2 young Border Collies. They are not quite 12 months old.

    We did all the normal house training things when they were pups, like the News Paper at the door, rewards etc

    For a while they were doing the right thing. The boy, Bailey, would even wake us up at night to go outside.

    Now, even after being out all day, and taking them out to go to the toilet just before bed, they do not wake us up but rather, go and do 1s & 2s in the kitchen area.

    What do we do? We cannot catch them in the act because we are asleep. We cannot leave the Dog Door Open because they will bring mud through the house.

    Could someone advise?

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    crate em?

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    If this happened with mine then they would be outside at night. (I have the facilities to do this comfortably for them.
    Due to my cat's safety I now have only the same dog inside at night instead of rotating the 3 as I previously did. I am a fan of the quick fix though and I am sure some will come in with good training advice.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    My 7 month old Border Collie started sleeping outside from 4 mths old, I really did little toilet training apart from that. She can now happily spend the night inside with no problems but prefers to stay outside, except for during cyclone Carlos last week...... My 5 year old Border Collie sleeps inside but then he's a sook.

    Some things you could try - have a bottle of neat white vinegar to spray over where they've been going after you've cleaned the area with water & vinegar. Try feeding them where they've been going to the loo, I had great success doing this with my young one when she was still sleeping inside. She just started runing out of places to go as she associated everywhere with feeding!

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    Default Thanks for the responses

    Thank you for the responses.

    One thing hat I have done is change the feeding habbits. We used to feed them a small breakfast and a larger dinner.

    I now make the morning the main meal time with a very early (4pm) small dinner. (2 or 3 chicken necks each etc)

    I am hoping that they will have done all that they need durting the day.

    Tried the vinegar.

    I will see how the change in meal times go before I kick them outside. They should not complain about being outside though, I just purchased a very expensive, very nice, new large kennel that they can both snuggle into.

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