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Thread: What is the Most Essential Command to Teach Your Dog

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    Default What is the Most Essential Command to Teach Your Dog

    i was doing some thinking today and was wondering what the most essential command to teach your dog would be, at the moment i think the best command that i have taught my dog was to poo and pee on command.

    What are your thoughts?

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    NO, would be mine as well as widdle widdle. I ask it as a question at times to see if any want to go out when I am already up and passing by the door or it is command to go and have one before bed time. They know the difference.

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    NO & that it means stop dead & await instruction...
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    Definitely 'wait' on the one hand, and (to confuse the issue) non-verbal hand signals on the other.

    If ever Rosie was to get out or be out of my control, I need to know that she will be controllable from a distance. 'WAIT' was the first thing she mastered, from 'wait' for dinner, to 'wait' for retrieval, even 'wait' while out walking.

    Then there is the non-verbals.

    For instance, if she happened to get out and be on the other side of a busy road when I found her - I would not risk calling her, I would expect to go to her. An excited dog that has been separated can be a run risk towards their master, so being able to control her by a closed, raised fist as her 'sit' signal is vital.

    By learning these, she is one awesome doglet that I am honoured to slave over, and one who is blessed to have never been tested in a real situation.

    (and the night-time 'pee pee' is also invaluable too!)

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    No and sit..

    OH can yell out to skip if she is 800m away and tell her to sit and she will sit..

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    The recall command for sure.

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    Yup, emergency recall.

    Without it, you're without your dog.

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    Yeh recall is very important but I like to be able to stop them on a dime & not come back neccerly. So I guess it's hard to pick 1 only, lol.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    No emergency recall with sighthounds - that's what leads are for!

    Mine know "hurry up" for going to the toilet. Invaluable for when you're travelling etc. No one wants to spend half an hour or more at a roadside rest area waiting for a dog to pee!!

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    Wait tends to stop our dogs and because we do not use come with out treats, when we seem to use come, they always come. Come means good-times in this house hold and has saved our dogs from several mishaps
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