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Thread: Alternative to Prong Collar

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    Batty probably has a few brain cells though... my guys are seriously lacking in this dept. If they were normal, they probably wouldn't tangle themselves up, and to be fair, I have 3 that I walk at the same time.
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    I think he has one left.... The number of times he's miscalculated and run head first into the glass door instead of the doggy door has me a bit worried though!

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    I can't believe that nearly a year later there are still such heated responses to this thread ... talk about crazy.

    It's good to know that prong collars are not illegal. That being the case, if I chose to use one at home, it's MY choice.

    The rules at the local dog club prohibit prong collars, so I will obviously respect their rules and not use one there.

    As for prong collars being cruel, they are not. In the U.S. and many countries around the world seeing eye dogs are trained using prong collars. I have had one around my arm and around my neck, I wouldn't put something on my dogs before testing it out myself.

    If you are opposed to prong collars simply don't use one. What is the point of getting sh*tty on an Internet forum about it? Chances are you're not going to change anyone's mind about it here anyway, especially when saying that people who use one should be shot. If on the other hand, you could site studies and link to resources that proved your point what you say might carry a bit more weight.

    Our dogs are happy, healthy, and socialized. In fact, the folks at the RSPCA and the ranger commented on how well behaved and in good condition our dogs are when we applied for our 3rd dog permit to adopt a rescue from the RSPCA ... so we must be doing something right.

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    Lol@ Anne...

    Villain & Flirtt likewise walk with me for enjoyment and relaxation. They, too are permitted to sniff, pee, walk in front, behind, wherever. We only have one rule: no pulling. Otherwise it is a social experience between the three of us.

    Yes, they do tangle me up in the leads, occasionally they tangle themselves together, too. Once in a while the run into each other, bashing heads, or they run into trees and fence posts... Because they don't pull, I can and often do walk both together.

    If I ask for 'heel', I expect differently, but we don't do that as standard when we walk...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roz View Post
    Well i heard that prong collars are banned and anyone who has them should be shot. Vets and petshops hate them and even RSPCA
    Cruelty to animals. How would a person like to be walked with one, see how the owner feels then.
    i will say once and once only..Prong collars are not banned in south australia.
    Shock collars are but not prong collars.As with regualtions prong collars are illegal to import but we are allowed to use them.
    I take my dogs to the vet wearing one problems
    And petshops ? what would they know ? they hate them because they cant sell them

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    Neither are banned in Tasmania. Our local council leases out electronic collars to prevent problem barking.
    I have never seen a prong collar used here but they aren't banned.

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