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    does anyone have know any places that do therapy training in victoria or via correspondance. i am looking into training lily in this, so she can cheer up some residents at the aged care facility i work at as they love to see her when she comes to visit and she loves the attention. but as she is a rottweiler and people have already decided that she is a dangerous dog before they see her i would prefer to spend the time/money to train her properly so that she can prove them all wrong.

    she is a placid dog / 1 year old pure rotti at the nursing home she already acts like she is trained resting her head on residents laps so they can pat her.

    plus i would love her to be able to spend everyday with me at work
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    DOGS Victoria - Activities and Events - Therapy Dogs

    There's a rottweiler in this pic.

    I cannot recommend, but there seems to be a few options.

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    There is always Delta, not sure if they do long distance.......
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