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Thread: Terrified of Cars During a Walk

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    I'm terrified of the hume highway.

    Um, I've been known to pick up dog and carry it to get somewhere as a practical measure. She doesn't always enjoy it.

    I guess there is a balance between feeding a dog treats for being near a place it's scared of, and rewarding it for being scared of that place. The trick I guess, is to try to get a little bit closer each time and only give the dog treats when it is being calm and well behaved. Not that my dog would take a treat when she's freaked out.

    And the main time people should not pick their dogs up is when another perfectly friendly dog is nearby or trying to greet them but still at a respectful distance... and little SWF growls at the new dog, and SWF owner picks up the SWF and says "there there, it's ok". That owner - is rewarding the SWF for misbehaving, and thereby encouraging their SWF to growl at other well behaved dogs.

    Pretty sure you're not doing that, Kaer?

    I think if you just want to get to the park as safely as possible, it would be ok to pick your dog up and cross the Hume. While you do this, you don't make "reassuring small talk" with the dog. Is this with traffic lights or an overpass? Otherwise I would not cross the Hume by walking directly across it - not worth your life really. Well maybe at Yass before they built the bypass otherwise not.

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    Well.. I'm not sure if I'm actually rewarding him. I pick him up when he stops, about 5 seconds after? I've been rewarding Milo for whenever he's calmly walking, or when he decides to walk after stopping. But... he only walks about a meter then stops again. This is though, when he can hear and see the Hume Highway. Whenever I pick him up I don't console him and just continue walking, letting him on the ground every now and then to see if he will walk by himself.

    The Hume Highway in my area is not that dangerous. It's basically in the middle of busy towns. It's a 60km/h zone and there is a school zone just 20 meters away so the traffic isn't speedy like the 110km/h parts of the road. Plus, there are heaps of traffic lights and traffic crossings in this part of the Hume Highway. To be scared of the Hume Highway in this suburb, a person may not be able to leave since the train station is on the Hume Highway lol. As well as the primary school. Well unless you drive but still gotta go on the Hume Hwy lol. From my suburb to Sydney CBD is like 40mins so no where near speeding cars really.

    But yeah... I need to get him to get used to cars since he's basically surrounded by it 24/7.

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