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    I have been using a bungie cord & bike for my TM bitch but am thinking of buying a propper sled harness for bikes(as no snow in NW NSW, lol), dose anyone know anything about sledding?
    I have been doing a little for years with TM's & Maremmas not all will do it but the 1's who do love it. Plus I have found it helpful rehabbing some dogs.
    I'd love to hear of any clubs devoted to sledding without snow.
    Also love to hear from anyone who has done any sledding of any kind.
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    Well I do drafting with my Annabelle and she pulls happily. We have a Nordkyn Harness from the USA. Buy one now, with the great $ for $. Postage is not too much either and they are very quick. beautiful stuff and so well made, never rubs and she loves it, gets all exited when i pull it out
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    Thank you newfie they are great.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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