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Thread: How to Train a Puppy?

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    Question How to Train a Puppy?

    i have a puppy of snow dog breed i have a problem with it that when ever i go for feeding, it starts barking until i put the feeding pot in front of it.
    please help me or tell me how to overcome its attitude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abbasi View Post
    i have a puppy of snow dog breed i have a problem with it that when ever i go for feeding, it starts barking until i put the feeding pot in front of it.
    please help me or tell me how to overcome its attitude.
    Don't give him food 'til he stops barking.
    Respect and you shall be respected. Animal is always right.

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    When you say snow breed do you mean Husky or Malamute?
    Have you done any training & if so what have you done?
    How old is the puppy?
    Can you talk with the breeder as they are the most likely person to help you as they should know their dogs well?
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    use Triangle of Temptation (Steve Courtney of K9pro).

    The first couple of times will be torture and it may be advisable to give your neighbours advance warning of impending noise, and to feed the dog well before human bed times.

    K9 Behavioural Training articles including Triangle of Temptation

    You could also try "it's yer choice" from Susan Garrett, eg one bit of dry dog food at a time.

    Get a chair, sit in it. Put dog on lead so it can't quit (walk away). Hold your hand out with one piece of kibble in it and allow the dog to do whatever it likes to your hand, if it bites too hard, detach by pushing its lip over its own teeth or gently push your hand towards the back of its throat until it starts trying to spit you out.

    As soon as the dog takes its nose off your hand, open your hand with the bit of kibble and say "yes", as soon as the dog moves back towards the kibble, close your hand. Be fast. Open-yes, close... after a while including some insane barking, the dog will figure out for itself what it needs to do to see the food. As soon as it can hold its nose off your hand while you hold an open palm with a piece of kibble in front of it... take your OTHER hand, pick up the piece of kibble and give it to the dog. If during this second part of the process, the dog tries to steal the kibble or snatch it, put the kibble back in the first hand and start over.

    Most dogs can get it after 3 to 4 minutes. Some dogs are much slower, some are faster. After two minutes or so, if the dog hasn't got a treat, play a quick game or tug or something else that doesn't involve food that is fun for the dog. A "balance break" if you will.

    See if you can do this with 20 or 30 bits of kibble. Then do it with the entire dinner plate. Or if you really want your dog to respect you, the whole meal. Hopefully after a while the dog will get very fast. Initially you only care that the dog is not trying to steal the treat, but you can up the criteria to the dog has to sit nicely if you want. Or not steal the treat off the floor etc. You can incorporate training "geddit" for when the dog is allowed to pick the treat up off the floor etc. Every piece of dinner is a training opportunity.

    If the dog is still insanely barking after a minute, stand up and put your face to the wall and ignore the barking...until the dog is quiet. Do not yell at the dog for barking because all dogs see that as you joining in and encouragement.

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    For some reason my dog is not cooperating with me at all. I really want to start training my dog Stanly as soon as possible. I would like to start with the basics right now and make my way up, but Stanly really is not giving me an opportunity to start anywhere let alone the beginning. What can I do at this point? I do not really want to let him be trained by anyone else, I don't think im comfortable with that at the moment.

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