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Thread: Need Help Tt a Dog That Hates the Rain Please

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    Thanks for the replies I do have a raincoat for him but hadnt thought of putting it on him around the house for him to go out and toilet in it was more for his walks. His initial regression after being neutered is all good now..its just the rain. I might look into some little shoes too..except id want to be here if he was wearing anything like that in case he got caught on anything and I attend TAFE 3 days a week starting in a fortnight so come rainy weather it will be just him and id hate to come home to a kitchen full of his suprises at the end of the day.

    I wander if I put the hose on and practised with the kids walking under it with him with tons of praise and food treats which he lurve lurve you think that would make him worse or help get rid of his dislike?
    Pepe our fluffy poochie

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    Hi Poooches,

    It is a hard case. My minis hates water so much he does everything to avoid water including rain but he hates toileting inside even more (I think). He has not had an accident since 3 month.

    You mentioned he does not like grass..then I will look into any physical issue not to do so (such as long claws and hair...)

    Do you feed your dog inside or outside? Do you keep a bowl of water inside? If I were you, I will keep the water bowl outside only so that it goes out for a drink and then he will think more to go toilet outside. Also at night do regulate food intake.

    You mentioned the crate. You might have to crate him timely even during day time so that he kicks his bad habit.

    Good luck!
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    in my opinion take it in rain when its raining slowly and make it busy play with it and slowly slowly he will be used to it.

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    we used to have an Aussie Terror who would not go outside in the rain voluntarily, so we used to carry her out, put her in the middle of the lawn in the rain and prevent her from running back inside until she had "performed" and we had a word for it so she would know what was expected.

    We'd take her out every couple of hours when it was raining because there is no way she'd take herself out then. And definitely out last thing before bed time and first thing in the morning and any time she woke up and went to the back (dog) door to check if it was still raining.

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