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Thread: Sudden Crate Aversion - Only at Night???

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    Default Sudden Crate Aversion - Only at Night???


    I would love a more experienced dog person to suggest what is going on with Geoff, my Airedale. Geoff is nearly 10 months old and has slept in a crate when he was with his breeder and ever since we have had him.

    Always same routine - quick walk to stretch legs and empty his bladder, lies down on floor while we tidy up, turn out lights etc, I take him over to his crate (which is oustide our bedroom with a window above it) say In you go, he walks in no problem, gets a bone biscuit for a nightcap, scratches his bedding a bit and is asleep in about 3 minutes.

    For the last week or so, everything seems normal, until we go to bed. Then he starts whining and banging about in his crate. We have tried getting up and taking him to the toilet, ignoring him, telling him to be quiet, but he just keeps on. Last night I gave in at 2.30 am and let him out. He walked 3 steps away from the crate, lay on floor and went to sleep.

    This behaviour is not helping family harmony.

    It is hot here in Sydney at the moment, but he has an open window above his crate so he is getting as much breeze as the rest of us, he has access to water in his crate. When I let him out last night he was panting and quite worked up.

    The only thing that has changed in the time that this has been happening is that a family of flying foxes has moved into the palm trees at the side of the house and they bicker and fight all night. I don't know what we can do to get rid of them as they seem to be eating the palm nuts. Could that be setting him off? He doesn't race outside to wee or suss them out, he just lies on the hard floor and goes to sleep as soon as he is out.

    My husband says forget about the crate, but I'm not sure what to do. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


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    Have you upgraded the size of his crate as I assume he is alot bigger now than say at 5mths old. He may just feel a little too confined as he has grown & now the heat is making it just to uncomfortable for a good nights sleep.
    My TM Bubba has to have the aircon on all night or he wont sleep at the moment. The humidity makes the heat unbearable for coated breeds. Is he in the shortest summer clip?
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    If the crate is one of those with plastic sides he is probably just too hot to sleep, those things hold body heat, if he is quiet on the floor why not just leave him there now that he is older, our house dogs sleep on a dog bad beside our own and that works well except that you don't ever get to sleep in, they know what 'get up' time is 8>)

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    I know that our dogs change sleeping spots a lot when it get hot......Move spot cooler floor and so on. It might just be too hot. Mind you the bats might be a little unsettling too. Our dogs are just free at night. They all sleep on the concrete floor on our screened verandahs to keep as cool as possible.
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