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Thread: My Dog Takes Ball to Anyone but Me

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    I'm sorry to giggle Simon but I think she's a bit of a smart a**e...

    I don't know what else you can try except playing fetch on-lead so you can re-inforce your command to come back, or ending the game when she runs to someone else. When strangers give in and throw for her she is getting exactly the reward she is after - their attention.

    Naughty girl. But so cheeky!!!

    Reminds me of a collie I babysat once for a couple of weeks. If you told him off, no matter how nicely, he would look at you like you were just despicable. Then he would take off - and escape! The first people he found would always fawn all over him - "look at the beautiful Lassie dog!!" and he would look at me as if to say "See, someone in this world appreciates me!" So he always got rewarded for his actions.

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    Hi Simon

    I'm not sure she does understand. Most dogs aren't deliberately contrary.

    She obviously likes playing fetch but you do something other people don't - maybe putting the ball away, but I'm not sure what she associates about bringing the ball to you.

    Maybe never put the ball away immediately after she's fetched it to you (punishment for what you want her to do), but how to end the game? Get her to do a few tricks or play tug and then put the ball away - so the fetch and the ball being packed up are not so linked.

    Like putting the dog on lead and going straight home when she's done a recall right to you. Do some other stuff first, or put her on lead, get her to sit, and then release her again. I usually walk up to my dog, and put her on lead or put her on lead when she's been bugging me for a treat, walk another half a lap around the oval and then go home. I don't do a recall, put her on lead and go straight home - ever.

    So it must be the same with fetch for her - other people never put the tennis ball away?

    So maybe try again with much shorter throws like one or two metres, and always reward a good fetch with another throw or game of tug or treat or whatever she likes best. Only put the ball away when she's distracted by another dog or person or you've done some other stuff first like a few basic obedience moves or tricks with her.

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    this problem can be resolved by the dog trainer .

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