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Thread: Sending Dog Away for Training

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    I ended up rehoming him as after a short time i was scared of the way he was acting with my kids and me..he was always supervised but their came a time when I too was really nervous with the way he was acting and I knew he was picking up on my nerves which made me freak out even more
    The dogs they intially tried to get me to take scared the bejeebers out of me and I refused for exactly that reason...the fear they would maul my kids!

    I dont live in the same situation anymore thank goodness so my fluffy little pictured in my avatar who has the benefits of not setting of our allergies suits us just fine

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    Hi Pooches

    That's a whole lot better than what I feared they'd sell you - ie a dog that would eat your children. But definitely not what you paid for - I do believe the office of consumer affairs or fair trade would be interested in that.

    Thanks for posting your story.

    Could I recommend an Australian Terrier. They do put the fear of god into intruders. They will bite and it does hurt and anyone that admits being bitten by one, gets laughed at.
    Pepe our fluffy poochie

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    Thanks for telling us your story & although it didn't work out I am glad it wasn't a whole lot worse.

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