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    Hello, I'm trying to get some feedback on the AUSTRALIAN DOGTRAINERS ACADEMY and/or Hans van Heesbeen (Victoria, Melbourne)
    I am about to enrol on an online course to become a dog trainer and wanted to check out what other people think about this, All the feedback I could find by myself is the stuff they put themselves on their own website and such, so very nice but not the most objective I think.
    If anyone knows about them I would love to have their impressions. Thanks

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    That's strange, I was under the impression that ADT non longer existed... but don't take that as gospel, please. Perhaps it has simply amalgamated with NDTF.

    I recently completed the Cert III course in Dog Behavior and training though the National Dog Trainers' Federation (NDTF) and would be happy to discuss my impressions privately if you're not yet enrolled in the ADT one...

    I will say most courses are an introduction level only and accredit you to work as a dog trainer. If your are interested in taking it further to behaviourist level, usually there is further study at Cert IV level...

    Sorry not to be more help :-)

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