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    My 11 month old staffy cross is all legs and very clown like!We go to dog training and the dog trainer makes it look so easy when she shows us how to get Dexter to drop and Dexter is not to bad there.

    At home he either goes down on his chest with his bottom in the air or just does a roll over on his neck.We get him to stand and push the treat towards him and going down but he just gets more silly and more excited.As he likes his food he is good at most other things at training though it is only early days!

    I have not tried to get him to drop much as I am not sure whether to wait for training again rather than keep trying and getting him to excited.

    There is never a dull moment with him around!

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    Is it over excited by the treat itself? Sometimes I can't train my dog with treats, she doesn't concentrate enough. Try using a toy, or even just praise.

    There are two ways to do it. If he is sitting already then you bring the treat straight down from his nose and then out, like an L. If he is standing you bring the treat down and in, so his nose is pushing into himself and he should drop.

    If he does go on his chest with his bum up, just push the treat into him until his bum drops too and give the signal. If he does flop over then correct him. No treat unless he gets it right.

    Are you using a marker word, like 'yes' or something similar?

    You definitely need to keep practicing or he won't learn. If he does get excited and won't listen, ignore him. Don't even talk to him until he calms down because even growling 'no' at him is giving him attention. Are you training him on a lead at home too? If he really is fussing about I would give that a go too, it just gives you that little bit more control.

    Good luck, let us know how he gets on!

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    oh i just adore puppies at the wriggly stage.
    Of course this is way too exciting for a staffy pup.
    He's gonna wriggle, nibble, dart around, its great fun.
    Favourite treat - check
    Favourite person - check
    OMG - pup all over the place

    Persevere, you'll get a little less exciting, on the 5000 repitition of the drop. Even for a gorgeous staffy pup.

    Id try the following to speed it up:
    long romp first, excess energy used up, then
    do drop exrercise. This will increase your chance of success, and the pup's chance of linking the behaviour to the reward, as it is repeated more frequently.

    Use of a high value food reward. If current food is too much stiumlus. try drab food. eg. kibble.
    try a toy play session as a reward instead.
    basically, work out your dogs idea of his reward hierarchy, and take it down a notch.
    my dogs hierarchy of rewards, which btw = stimulus for him
    Red Frizbee
    Any other frizbee
    fetch of any kind
    toy of any kind
    food high value

    He wriggled and squiggled and bit, and jumped up, and put his ass up, but front down, for about 3 months. Funny as he gets it now. he even does it most times lol
    enjoy this temporary phase

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    Thanks guys.I will have to remember to video him as it will be lovely to look back on and I will always remember the trainer and training class falling about laughing at him which I am sure he enjoyed

    My husband is back at work so instead of taking both dogs out together I took them out separately and Dexter did a really good drop.I think maybe he is more excited when other dogs are around and maybe thinks they are going to get his treat.So maybe I will practice when I am alone with Dexter.

    Next week is the Christmas training class and there will be jumps and tunnels for Dexter and Father Christmas for both him and my daughter.I think it is such good value for $60.They are also having a rescue dog parade which is a nice idea I just hope he does not do one of roll overs with his legs in the air!

    Sorry to ramble on but I love Christmas!

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