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    Hi all,

    I have recently purchased a bichon x shih tzu puppy.
    I pick him up from the breeder next week and he'll be about 8 weeks old.

    I want to know if it's possible to train my little man that is ok to be inside with me sometimes but also go outside occasionally to play other then just for the potty?

    Obviously he is a small gorgeous dog and he is an inside dog..which is great as i'd love nothing more then to have him inside with me 24/7 but I would also like to be able to have him outside for a few minutes of the day without me having to constantly supervise him. We live in a rental, the owner said it's fine if we have him inside or out as that is why she tiled the entire house not to mention she has her own small dog that she takes everywhere with her but the real estate prefers him to be outside.

    My partner isn't too crash hot on the idea of having him inside all day either as he believes dogs should be outside as they are dogs but i'd love nothing more for him to be with me but I need to be considerate of other people esp coz it isn't my house. Is it possible to train a dog to do both so when I do have a house inspection he can be outside without getting upset?

    Or is one or the other.

    The only dog i've owned was when I lived with my parents and she was an outside dog.

    Any help or advice appreciated.

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    You could have a "go toilet" command - what ever you like, and when you take your dog out to potty, you say your command, and give the dog lots of praise when it does and say the command again. I use a fairly obvious comand "5hitnapiss" but others like to use the name of someone they don't like eg "MrWran".

    And when you go out to play, you could say "go play". I usually say "cats!" which gets my dog pretty excited.

    Dogs do work out the difference - unless for some reason you want the dog to go out but not potty, that might be more difficult unless you also train a specific place to go potty.

    Have a read of these.

    You may also want to consider "crate training" your dog (google will help), to keep it safe from your disapproving partner.

    Digital Dog Training Textbook | Dog Star Daily

    And (this might be too late but there's lots of useful stuff to help you and your puppy get along)

    RSPCA Australia knowledgebase / Puppies

    How do I find a good dog breeder? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase

    about another person who didn't read the "smart puppy buyer's guide" and has racked up a lot of vet fees already. This is quite common.

    Do check what your puppy is being fed and endeavour to feed the same, but have some chicken and rice you can feed (after a short fast and a vet visit) if it all goes to hell. And puppies can get horribly car sick. So don't feed before a car ride, and do find a place low in the car so puppy cannot see out.

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