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    Hi all,
    Our dog is about 2 years old and every time we take him in the car he whines, whimpers and appears very unsettled. Once we have been where we were going eg. the park he is quite settled on the way back.
    So my question is.....
    Is he nervous? Is he excited? is he car sick? What can we do to help him settle down?

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    If he doesn't do it on the way back I would think he is just excited to get where you are going.
    One of my dogs is like that...the other just sighs impatiently

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    Thanks Cat - It would be great to know how to calm him as actually it is really distracting and hard to concentrate on driving while it is happening....

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    Try stopping until he stops whining. I know its going to be a PITA the first few times but hopefully he should work out nothing is going to happen while he's carrying on.

    You could try click-treating or good dog-treat if he's quiet at all before proceeding so he gets the idea of what is expected quicker.

    Failing that - putting him in a crate and covering it up so he can't see out might help.

    And then as last resort - use a water squirty. Whine-squirt. Quiet - treat. etc.

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