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Thread: The Pom & the BBQ

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    Smile The Pom & the BBQ

    We have a 10 year old pure bread Pom who is very obedient and is generally well behaved. Last summer I purchased some new volcanic rocks for our BBQ which had to be seasoned prior to use. Not known to me, the rocks popped which obviously had some effect of the dog. Now... every-time I use the BBQ he is fine whilst I am using it, but the minute I turn it off & go back inside, he starts to bark. He continually barks. I can see it in his eyes that it affects him but I don't seem to be able to calm him or distract him. Have tried everything from muzzles to locking him away in a room, but he finds a way to bark. If I had a treadmill I would put him on there so he could release some energy. I have also tried to introduce him to BBQ to no avail.
    Can anyone offer any advice, before I BBQ the dog......(only joking!!)

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    hmmm I don't think you get much from bbq pom....

    I have no idea how you can stop....perhaps you can use some treats to calm him down..combined with clicker training? I would digress him rather than try to stop him at the spot. e.g. Try to look like you are starting bbq, when he starts to bark, take him out for walk and come back? See if he gets quiet. Another about giving him a big bone (my dogs will go for that any time...) or just feed him in front of bbq without you actually starting bbq.

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    muzzles and locking him away? how does that help?

    Is he barking at the bbq. Why does he do that after you turn it off? Does he get fed before, during or after the bbq, bbq food? My dog sometimes gets very excited when my microwave beeps cos she associates that with food for her. She also gets very excited when I have yiros or takeaway out somewhere - cos I often give her some as I'm eating and I never do that at home. So has he been trained to be excited because the bbq means food for him?

    For stopping barking - first I teach "speak" with treats for barking, then I teach "quiet" with treats for not barking ie when dog stops to take a breath or see if you're going to dish up a treat - say "quiet, good dog" , and then give a treat.

    I also use a water pistol. The longer range you have the better as it's harder for dog to associate jet of water with you. You don't need to hit the dog, just get close enough to be distracting.

    Pure bread pom - is this like an englishman who eats too many buns?

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    Have you tried:
    starve dog all day
    have your bbq food, keeping bbq lit and non popping. Then:

    when you turn off bbq.
    serve your dog his dinner, by hand, from the popping bbq. piece by piece. till dog associates: popping bbq = lovely attn and food.

    stop feeding if dog barks, continue when quietens.

    Im really not sure what muzzles would do, except frustrate a dog, they dont prevent barking do they?


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    Thank you so much for all your responses, but its a real curly one. We have to feed him before we start to use the BBQ, otherwise he won't eat. When I am using the BBQ I encourage him to come to me, give him cooked meat & generally try & show him the BBQ is OK! BTW...It doesn't pop anymore. I changed the volcanic rocks a while ago that popped when I first turned the BBQ on.
    When I shut everything down, go back inside to enjoy the meal, he starts barking at everything. The birds, the wind...basically for no reason. We have even tried locking him away in a room on the other side of the house while cooking, taking him back outside some 15-30 mins after, but obviously he can smell we have use the BBQ and it make no difference.
    In addition, he sleeps in a room detached from the main house at night. Every night he contently goes in there with no problem. If we use the BBQ, he still goes into his room with no problem, but starts to bark continuously and there isn't much that I haven't tried that makes him stop. Bernie you are right, he still manages to bark with a muzzle.
    I understand that if he barks while the BBQ is on, I can train him not to bark, but this behavior starts 10 mins after I turn the BBQ off!
    It only stops if we bring him inside

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    Dog is getting what he wants, being inside with you while you eat.

    We have to feed him before we start to use the BBQ, otherwise he won't eat.
    If he doesn't eat, he's not really hungry. It's ok if he skips a meal occasionally. So I don't see that you *have* to feed him before bbq. In this case I think it's probably a bad idea and he's got you well trained.
    this behavior starts 10 mins after I turn the BBQ off
    I think maybe this behaviour starts - after you go inside to enjoy a meal. What happens if you try cooking one sausage - not at your meal time. And then shutting bbq off, and staying out with him for 30 minutes? He's getting rewarded for barking. You have to stop rewarding him for barking.

    Maybe you could try loading a kong or squirrel dude up with bbq sausage while you eat? What happens if you stay outside and eat? What happens during a non-bbq meal? Where is dog usually when you eat?

    You may have to put up with a lot of barking before it stops but currently what you are doing is training him to bark at or after bbqs, especially when he wants to be inside with you. Do people at your bbq feed him scraps under the table when he is let in? Collect all scraps people want to give to the dog, and feed at a different time to when you're eating. And he gets nothing if he is barking. Or maybe a nearby squirt with water pistol. In fact one trainer suggested I tip a bucket of water on my dog if she barks when she is not supposed to. But at the same time, you must stop rewarding with attention when he does bark.

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