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Thread: Chewing... Need Some Help Please!! (also Posted in Puppy Section)

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    Default Chewing... Need Some Help Please!! (also Posted in Puppy Section)

    Hey guys,

    We recently adopted two amstaff puppies, 11 month old male and 4 month old female. It was Monday afternoon when we picked them up (so not quite a week). They are outside dogs, sleep on steel frame sling beds and are wonderful at night, we don't really hear them at all.

    They happily amuse themselves all day. They get walked for at least half an hour every morning, they come home to a good play in the back yard which normally only lasts 5 mintues coz they are stuffed. This is followed by their 'breakky' be it mince (beef, lamb, chicken or roo). After this they are generally ready for a sleep. Then they'll wake up have a play / drink / toilet....etc and this continues til 11am ish and they are given a bone each.

    Now until today they have had my OH home .... he is ALWAYS in the shed and they love sleeping in there while he's working in there. But yesterday arve (friday) he went out of town to work bout 5pm and I was at work til 7.30pm. For this time we thought we'd see how they would go with access to the shed, as I said they LOVE it in there. I got home and all was in order, except one dish, they had knocked over and chewed a piece of plastic pipe. I thought they may have chewed it as it would have bounced very enticingly when it fell out of the dish. Ignored it cleaned up mess and that brought us to today.

    Normally I would be at work but I've been crook, they got their walk still this morning and their play, had breakky then sleep, then woke up for a play and then got a bone each. Bout lunch time I had a sleep and they were fine when I got up no worries. I went out about 2pm for just over an hour, got home and they were fine. Went out about 3pm for 2 hours got home and they'd chewed a shoe.

    Now I realise that by me not putting them away they were there for the taking, however they hadn't touched a shoe in nearly a week and it wasn't the first time they were left home alone.

    So without shifting the shoes what can I do to deter chewing, I will try eucalyptus oil tomorrow, I bought 'Stop CHew' but the 4 month old likes it. Also is there anyway I can 'discipline' them for it? I ask because normally you would have to 'check' a wrong behaviour all but instantly so wasn't sure if there was anything I could do.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Oh by the way, I searched for any answers that may have already been floating around but I couldn't find anything.

    Thanks for taking the time to read and I appreciate any help/advice you can give

    Cheers Aleesha

    PS I also posted this in the puppy section as wasnt' sure the best place.

    PPS they had a rope toy, two chew toys and a marrow bone each that they had been given earlier in they day and they weren't finished with. Also their pool was available for them to play in (it's warm enough up here)
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    we have a 6 yr old beagle who is still a chewer... here are some thoughts:
    - 30 min once a day is not enough exercise. A tired dog is a good dog (mostly). They need at least 30 min 2 to 4 times a day.... we often do 5 km a day with a 6 year old- 2 puppies prob need more...

    Are you bowl feeding them? There are heaps of interesting "activity feeders" kongs plus others around, add to this juicy meaty bones which are a amusment to chew.

    - dont leave anything out you dont want chewed.

    - rotate toys to keep things interesting.

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    I am more than happy to walk them at night when I get home (7.30pm ish) but they are not remotely interested, we did it the first two nights they were here and they were both stuffed not even half way round the block. I often walk myself then anyway. They do over 3km in the morning and there is no way they could go any further atm, they are way to stuffed by the time we get home, we walk at a very good (almost powerwalk) pace, probably close to 7km/hr. The 4 month old is nearly running to keep up. (not to mention my poor lil legs that don't even stand me at 5'2'' LOL)

    I could look at walking them a second time before I go to work (varies from 10am to 3pm my start time except thursdays so that would happen when I get home at 1.30pm, they would still get their early walk) they might still have enough energy then to walk again. By late at night though they have warn themselves out playing. Even when we play fetch we get about 8-10 very quick consecutive fetches, roughly 20m each way and then that's it, snooze time again. They're quite lazy really...

    Putting things away will definately be done from now own (it is only a few pairs of shoes afterall) and I will have to invest in a few 'different' toys for them. I'm just worried with the Kongs/Treat balls etc, they may fight over them when gone. Generally they are fine and at times even happily chew on the same bone but when I'm not here, there's obviously no supervision. Any thoughts?

    Thanks for your time!

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    I agree with sweetboy. I think more exercise is required.
    Staffys, Pit Bulls, Amstaffs and most bully breeds are really quite active and energetic, but no one would ever know it cause they're always so overweight.(complete generalisation) People seem to think a bully breed is meant to be big(muscle yes, fat no).
    I would suggest a 7-10 minute bike ride using one of these; WalkyDog® Dog Bike Leash Official Site | Bike With Your Dog - The Dog Outdoors, and then a 20-30 minute hand held leash walk, and then the 7-10 minute ride back home.

    Your pups don't understand the difference between chew toys and plastic. So having thousands and thousands of toys doesn't matter. If there are other chewable thing, they're going to chew them. Even the most intelligent, obediant dogs will chew things that arn't meant to be chewed. Who says I can chew rope but not plastic when its there for the taking!
    Have I said 'chew' enough

    Also, your 4 month old will be starting to lose her baby teeth and growing her adult ones, so she may be experiencing some teething pain, ensure you have proper teething toys for her.
    Teeth, teeth, teeth.
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    There is no way they would survive the 7min bike, 30min walk, 7 min bike. They are completely stuffed after their 30min walk as it is they go something like this as soon as they are in the gate. I get them up after a few minutes and have a play with them, then they eat.

    Trust me I was expecting these endless balls of energy from all the info I gathered before getting them but they are so far from it, it's not funny. I would happily do it, but they wouldn't make it. She might when she grows up, but he couldn't do it now and she couldn't atm either. Only time will tell with her if she will.

    Yep all over the putting the shoes away now will be done before I leave tomorrow. They are fine while I'm home.... or the OH is.

    How dumb.... I can't believe I didn't think of the teeth thing. Thanks a bunch, that's clearly why she is more interested in the 'chew' treats they get than he is. I will invest in some tomorrow, poor thing, how neglectful of me

    Thanks a bunch for the link to the bike walkydog/leash, they would be the best two I have seen in what I've looked at. I have investigated as I do think the big boy would enjoy going faster, but I don't think he'd go anyfurther, he wears out too quick. Don't think she is up for it just yet. A few more months and she might keep up.

    Thanks again.

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    No problem

    What is their weight like? Can we see photos anywhere?
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    she's 15kg and he's approx 40kg...... im yet to work out the photo thing, will go put in a real effort now

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    Whoa! Your boy is about 10kg overweight!
    I mean each dog is different, but not by 10kg.
    Im 98% sure the average Amstaff weight is 20-30kg.
    (just googled, and its 25-30kg)

    Go onto
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    Boof and Lilly, they do a lot of this.... except tonight, they've gone a lil bonkers atm, crazy lil muffins.

    Boof and Lilly in bed, which normally happens about 6.30/7pm, not tonight we're still playing.
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    Ok maybe I'm wrong on his weight... do the photos tell the same story? We have had her weighed at that vets for vaccinations this week, she was 14.76kg to be exact, but he hasn't been to the vets with us yet. The old owner told me that was roughly his weight. If I could carry him I'd go stand on the scales but me muscles aren't big enough, LOL

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