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Thread: Chewing... Need Some Help Please!! (also Posted in Puppy Section)

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    Ok so we've made some changes to daily life.......

    Here's the story, they have all the toys under the sun - kongs, ever last treat balls, the treat balls where the treats fall out when you roll them, tug ropes, chewy bones - they get rotated regularly.

    They get walked in the morning for at least half an hour (bout 6.30am), home for a mad run with me around the back yard, great fun n games, a quick dunk in the wading pool then breakky. They have a sleep for a while then when they stir I give them a little play again. Now depending what time I start work the day could be:

    11am start walk at 10.30am for 20 mins or so home for a dip in pool and I throw them a roo tail or roo jerky or something and put toys out - as I don't finish til 7.30pm mum and dad come down to give them another walk about 5pm ish. If there is something they can find to chew they will.

    1pm start walk about 12.15pm for 20 mins or so and the repeat same as 11am start, but no extra walk.

    3pm start walk about 2pm and same as 1pm start.

    I always finish at 7.30pm.... we own a takeaway store so I'm only 2 minutes from home.

    They are always well fed, given toys, walked heaps, played with, trained twice to three times a day for 5-10mins (we are only doing basics - sit, drop, come - atm) and today I got home (was a 1pm start) they had stolen the hoses off an old washing machine and chewed them AND chewed the electrical lead off.

    Yesterday was a 3pm start and they SOME HOW managed to get a basket down off the bin, undo the clipped latch and chew the bottle of STOP CHEW that was in it, along with their antibacterial spray and a halti.....

    So I'm at a complete loss as to WHY, they do this and can only figure it's a PUPPY thing, I guess the theory of having each other to occupy them doesn't work, LOL!!

    So anyone's suggestions I am more than happy to hear!

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    Do you rotate all those toys? It seems like they're looking for new toys all the time. So you have two or three toys and pack up all the rest, and then every few days - rotate the toys so they get "new" ones.

    When my puppy was little - I left her in a crate when I went out, so she couldn't randomly destroy stuff or pee in secret places.

    Otherwise I'm thinking maybe a bit of NILIF. These dogs have it far too good...
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    They always have their two little rubber chew bones and a tug rope. Then I rotate the two different treat balls, the kong, a HUGE tug rope, a soccer ball.

    You say they have it too good? Can you elaborate please coz i have to admit I actually thought the 2 walks, the rotating toys, the playing regularly before n after training a couple of times a day and keeping them well fed (they aren't getting fat I've had them weighed 3 times since we had them) was the right thing to be doing.

    I read the K9 link, I do the 'sit' for dinner, well breakky in our house. Any time I give them food of any kind they are asked to sit first. HOWEVER we aren't strict in asking them to sit when they come for a pat, if they walk up politely I pat, if they get over excited they are then asked to sit and ignored if they don't, so I see we could make this an EVERYTIME request. They don't jump up, they just get a bit argy bargy but we dont accept that.

    Just to clarify, if they are quietly lying in their beds is it ok to go give them a pat? Obviously they can't be asked to sit but is it 'reinforcing' they good behavior of lying quietly?

    Thanks for helping. It's such a learning curve.

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    They've got it far too good because they get to roam the yard and wreak havoc.

    If they're just puppies, um, that's what puppies do. So you clean up the yard so there is nothing important they can destroy. And you hide the kongs out there, you don't give them to them.

    I've got mixed feelings about making a dog work for a pat, but the more you make the dog work for what you give it (even when you're feeling generous), the more the dog will work to please you and the more you tire out their brains so they're not thinking of new ways to amuse themselves - well one can only hope.

    So up the standard. Sit is not enough any more. We have to sit-drop-sit-speak-tailwag-sit-drop-stand for a treat or a pat. Finish, heel, sit, wait, come, finish, drop, stand - treat/pat/game of tug. I make Frosty drop if she wants a treat from someone else at the dog park - cos she's taken to headbutting the treat out of their hand and also nicking treat when they're trying to treat their own dog and I know how annoying that is. It's a mistake to think giving her a treat will make her go away - she's got hers. That's not how she thinks about it at all. And I think she wouldn't care if the treat was a piece of gravel, she's that excited about it.

    For dinner, she has to stay on her mat, or tramp bed or where ever I tell her - while I put her dinner together and she's watching (or can't quite see cos she's out the door), if she gets up, I put her back and tell her to stay again. If she stays for three seconds or so (varies), I go back with a piece of kibble and give it to her for staying and tell her to stay some more. It's called "putting value on the stay" - if I get up, I get put back, if I stay - I get random treats and dinner eventually. Her stays are really really good right now. So up the standard.

    I think it's ok any time they are doing exactly what you want, to give them a pat. But the more pats you give them for doing not much, the less value the pat has. Ie if they are lying there quietly in front of an enormous temptation eg a seemingly unprotected pie on the coffee table... then they deserve pats and a treat for staying where they are at.

    So the naughtier the dog, the more I make it work for my attention. When Frosty was little, she stayed in a crate while I was out.

    Oh and my dog gets an hour exercise in the morning and another hour in the evening. And during those hours she has to work for treats, I practice recall - ie making her sprint from the far side of the football oval where she was playing with friend and then letting her go and sprint back again.

    She's really keen on sleeping not chewing.

    Failing all that, maybe a teeth check with the vet? Or getting them some stuff that is ok to chew. What is ok varies from dog to dog, but I used to get sticks for my dog. Bones were bad - but they're good for some dogs. And make them find them.
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    On top of Hyacs post, I feed my dogs in the evening to give them the idea they have worked all day for their food.
    I know Lilly is still a baby and needs 3 meals a day, but its just something to remember
    Education not Legislation

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    Ok thanks ladies, I would never have thought of them having the whole yard as having it too good, there you go, learn something (or 10 things) everyday! They had the whole yard with their old owner and we would like that to stay the same with us. Yes they are just puppies and it's the stage we need to manage, like you said... PUT THINGS AWAY !!

    Today...... we started with NO PAT unless you sit first.... very proud to say they are doing that for me YAY!

    Up at 6.15 am, they waited until 6.45am for us to leave for our walk which was about 40 minutes, now I call it a walk, but we probably run more than half the way (I'm a fitness nut so figured if they can keep up they can do it), unfortunately we don't have anywhere suitable for off lead although that would take some more training before we did it anyway.

    Home from walk, to a play in the backyard (we run around like idiots flat out - have a bit of tug time) and then we do 5-10 minutes of training with treats (minute pieces of dried liver - I'm sure they think I'm a stinge but they still work for them, LOL) so far they have mastered sit, drop & come in the shed with treats (Lilly only mastered drop today SO PROUD) we are working on stay, making slow progress but still progress. I then gave them some sardines (Boof got 2/3 tin Lilly 1/3) as Boof has to take tablets with OILY food.

    They then went off to sleep - they were wrecked, that was about 8.15am.

    I got them up about 10am and we had another crazy run around the backyard (I'm sure the neighbours think I'm a fruitloop), followed by another 10 minutes training in the shed. Then we ran around again, that got us to about 10.30 so I gave them their chicken carcass and went for a shower to get ready for work. All was good when I got out, so off to work I went at 11am.

    Went home at 3.45pm to check in (I'm here til 7.30pm tonight). Everything was fine. They hadn't found anything to take and chew, nothing..... they were sunbaking (without sun.... it's overcast here today).

    So we had another crazy play.... followed by the 'training'.... it was this session that Lilly got drop right every time YAY (I have to keep reminding myself I have only had them for 3 weeks and prior to me they hadn't been taught ANYTHING... nothing nada zip... not even sit. I only started doing it more than once a day on Monday before that I was doing it once a day, DUH I know, that's why I changed.) Then we played some more. I was probably home for nearly an hour. Again they sat or dropped or come each time before receiving a pat.

    Before leaving I stuffed a kong and the everlast treat ball.... gave them a lick, put the dogs in the shed, went and hid the kong & treat ball.... let them out and off they went looking for them... while occupied I disappeared to work...

    So....... we will see what the world looks like when I get home.

    I still don't know how they got into the basket yesterday, they are way too clever for their own good sometimes.... unless I didn't clip it properly like I thought I did... oops.... it's a possibility!

    The hardest part of all this will be getting my OH to follow the same rules when he gets home from work.... it's like I have 3 to train, LOL!

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    you train OH the same way - sort of.

    Well try to make it easy for him to get right, and then loads of praise when he does.

    I'm exhausted reading your routine...

    So after a good sit, drop, stay - you can try for remote drop/sit/stay - extremely handy if you can get them to go in a drop when they're away from you. Like when there is a bicycle coming and you don't want them to run in front of it. Although no off lead helps there.

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    I'm just about asleep typing this Hyacinth... I wear myself out, LOL.

    Well I sent mum and dad down to check on them bout 6pm and all was good, I got home and guess what... ALL WAS GOOD... YAY now to repeat process tomorrow, with a different routine as I start early - the only day of the week I do 7am - 1.30pm.

    Yep the OH responds well to praise, LOL!!!

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    A further question on teething, perhaps a little off focus. My boy is teething at the moment, 4 adult teeth at last count, and his breath stinks. I give him lots of stuff to chew on that should clear his breath; carrot, frozen discs of brocolli cut from the stem, dental chews, lots of toys (some wet and then frozen). Its not a typically stinky dog breath smell, its different - it smells like wounds, probably caused by the gums repairing as the milk teeth fall out and the adult teeth grow in.

    My question is:
    Has anyone else had this smell from their teething puppies mouths and should I be concerned?

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    The only concern I had was being bare foot and stepping on the little prickles she left on my floors.

    didn't notice any smell. You might want to cut out the broccoli for a while - that can make for smelly guts/farts. Not sure about breath.

    Check gums for gingivitus? redness and easy bleeding where the good teeth are - ie gum disease - though I can't see why your puppy would have this.

    Maybe try a bit of yogurt - a couple of desert spoonfuls each day. Can help the gut flora, and supply a bit of calcium.

    What kind of dog food are you feeding? Is it dry? Do you soak it first? I used to feed soaked puppy food and home made casserole when my dog was teething.

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