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Thread: Labradoodle Problem - Help Needed!

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    Default Labradoodle Problem - Help Needed!

    Hi guys,
    Approximately 6 weeks ago, I got an 18 month old Labradoodle who I am minding for a friend for the next two years.

    He has been to puppy school and 90% of the time is fantastic. He will sit, stay, come, lay down, shake hands etc etc. He is good on the lead and doesn't bark.

    The problem is that he blatently ignores me at times, and just wants to play. For example you call him to come or try and pat him and he will go crazy running around the back yard, or stand about two metres away and the second you move go crazy.

    We walk/jog him 5-6Kms every day in different locations for variety, give him plenty of attention and pats, toys and bones etc.

    It is most frustrating when we try to get him at night, it will take 45 minutes of trying to get him so we can bring him in. I have tried treats, toys, ignoring him etc and they work once or twice and then he is smart enough to not fall for it again.

    I try to get him to come and when he finally does -reward him with pats, treats and not take him inside straight away.


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    What a nice thing you are doing for your friend

    Can you leave him outside alone for a while just to sniff about and exlpore ect? I am thinking maybe that's what he wants to do...suss out his new home/yard.

    Otherwise I suggest a long lead (like those long retractable ones..or even a lunging rope for horses which is basically a super long lead)...then when you call him, pull him in, give him a treat, pats ect without the games he plays of.."come and get me ".

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    I'd say the same thing as Ozeymum - if he doesn't chew, maybe you could let him out for a while with a harness on and a lead dangling. That way you can use that to catch him - even if he thinks he is skipping away and having a great game!
    Practice recall while he's on a lead - out on walks, in the yard etc so you can let him know that it's not a game, he NEEDS to come to you if you call him. He'll figure it out. It's a good thing for them to be rock-solid on in case they ever get away from you.
    I'm sure he'll settle into a routine after a little while.
    And yes - well done for helping a friend out on such a long term basis!

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    Thanks for the responses.

    He does come most of the time - it is just when he is in his crazy playful mood.

    He is changing - for example when we first got him, if you picked up a ball you couldn't go near him as he would be too excited. Now - after a bit of work, he will sit and stay - let me walk around him (even directly behind) and pat him without moving. The he gets to fetch the ball.

    He is obedient and smart - I just think a bit too smart sometimes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by conkyd View Post
    He is obedient and smart - I just think a bit too smart sometimes!
    Well if he's part poodle he has to be smart!

    As long as he figures out that he's not quite as smart as humans!!

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