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Thread: Increasingly Antisocial Five YO Schnauzer

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    Default Increasingly Antisocial Five YO Schnauzer

    I have a five year old miniature schnauzer who was well socialised in puppyhood and cheerful with other dogs. Over the last year she has begun to growl and bark at people she doesn't recognise - at the door, in the street through the window, on the beach - everywhere. Now it's a major problem because she's growling at the nurses in our parent's nursing home, and that is a serious problem! She is an only dog in a empty-nest household with a cat for company, and gets on well with the cat. She never snaps, and when people actually get closer she will always greet them happily. She is also irritablw with other dogs, and acts defensively when approached by other people with dogs in tow. Won't play with them. Can anyone tell us what's going on in her mind, and how to help?

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    Another minis owner...

    Minis have the potential to be wary of strangers and smart enough to become bossy when opportunity comes IMO. Is she your parents' dog? How long have they been in the nursing home? It is hard to say what causes her behaving that way after good puppyhood from your post. What i can suggest though try to ignore negative behaviours and reinforce good behaviours. It is also good idea not to allow her on the couch, bed, etc and do not never allow her to go in and out before people. I have found these principles do make huge difference to dogs behaviours.

    Good luck

    I forgot to mention Steve who is a dog behaviourist/trainer and provides some advice. He is under sub dog training.
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    Is she still being regularily socialised with other dogs? It's not something you do when the dog is a puppy and then say - that's done, we can stop now. It's on going.

    The other thing is she might be having problems with eye sight or hearing, so dogs or people are too close when she first notices them and that might be upsetting. A checkup with the vet might be a good idea in case it's something that can be slowed down or fixed.

    Not all dogs like to play - I wouldn't worry about that side of it. But again it might be something physical eg she's got sore joints - or bruises easily. Something else for the vet to check.

    And - you say it's only been happening over the last year - what has changed for her in that last year? New home? Less socialising? Change in food? Change in routine?

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