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Thread: Can Anyone Recommend...??

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    Default Can Anyone Recommend...??

    a good website with instructions on training your dog???

    my dog is really eager and instinctively knows how to play fetch.

    he has a lot of energy to burn and it would be good to allow him to play new games.


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    I recently received 7 day free clicker training from this website. Clicker training

    Wagging school on ABC

    I think you can search on web as well as quite a lot of info on previous threads in training session.

    I hope this helps.
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    I would recommend K9 pro.
    whilst it goes from pet pup to police dog. you can always hop off the training once you have you dog to a level you require.
    Look up Triangle of Temptation. This is a technique, that is extreemly fast training, almost by accident. This for my GSD pup, was all i needed really. I built on this.
    Ive joined a obedience GSD club. We both are bored ****less at it. So stopped.

    Clicker training is good. I use this, but use the word 'yes' instead of a click as im not keen on juggling tug toys, clickers and leads. Way too much going on for me, i find a word far more portable. But choice is yours.

    Socialising you dog to anything and everything you can think of is the single most important aspect of training of pups: environmental triggers like shiny floors, rivers, getting in and out of cars, people, kids, other friendly dogs, babies, pushchairs, wheelchairs, busy high streets, traffic, livestock, anything and everything your dog will be exposed to as an adult, will be easier if you've exposed him before 16weeks of age, pays dividends. Be inventive, i dont have small kids, so stalked a few outside a playgroup at chuck out time to expose him.

    I would put this hierarchy together: Triangle of temptation, nothing in life is for free, socialising in controlled manner, basic obedience; come sit stay for treats, and only use positive re-inforcement and distration when pup is being naughty.

    Ceasar Millan if you like your dog training not mudied with facts and tainted with wreckless innacurate advice. Very popular, very stupid IMO.

    websites: K9 pro, clicker training from a google, and you have all the tools you will need. Good luck! Its a great experience training for you and your dog, enjoy to the max.

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    I were referred to this dog training and tips site, seem to have alot of informaiton there

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    Default Some tips on here

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