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Thread: Agility: Right from the Start

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    Smile Agility: Right from the Start

    I bought this book Agility Right From The Start because I want to get into agility. It looks awesome!

    Has anyone else read this book? Or is anyone else interested in agility? I don't know anyone else with a dog who's interested in agility but it'd be nice to find someone in Brisbane to partner up with and maybe do some training throughout the week.

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    I live in SA, my pup did agility and loved it definitely give it a go, I have a husky, we moved house and she doesn't do it anymore, and no I haven't read that book, good luck!!!!!

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    Ive done agility at competition level in my past. Great fun for dogs. They love it.
    you need basic obedience, to stop your dog running off and completing the course without you.
    Also if your dog likes the sportier type of obedience training ie. agility, try coursing, fly ball etc. I do take bernie, but his screeching with excitement is very embarassing. People get used to him making such a racket, but i have a splitting headache at the end!
    Agility, is wonderful for dogs a year old and over.

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