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Thread: What Are the English Commands?

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    train him in your language. Be consistent and you can use blue for sit, anything, as long as you use the same word.

    Bernie waits at the door. Sounds like previous owner has taught the dog manners and pack leadership. Your dog IS waiting for permission to exit the door. I use "ok" to release my dog. Wait means, stay still. Yes means you are doing great, keep doing it.
    A cork given to him means you are the best dog in the world, fantastic! I save it for the jackpots these days.

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    Thank for all your replies. I decided to train her in English because my hubby is Australian and I want him to be able to communicate with her too And if she's ever in a kennel or someone else is watching her that is handy too....

    I taught her to sit at the front door while I put the lead on and open the front door wide. If she moves at all the door gets closed in her face and we start over, so she picked that up pretty quickly. My hubby can now go out first and I can go half way out while holding the lead before releasing her with 'go on'.

    When I say 'walkies' she will run to the front door all excited and sit in her spot waiting for me... awwww

    I also use 'go on' for when she sits and waits to eat. I can put the bowl down in front of her, stand back up and look at her for a few seconds before releasing her. Sometimes she doesn't get the 'go on' and just sits there waiting, and needs a nudge.

    It would be nice if people who give their dogs up would make lists of cues they know, habits, likes, dislikes etc.

    I know they can be trained using any cue you can think of, it would just be easier if I used the ones she already knew

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