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Thread: Barking

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    Why don't you find out WHY he is barking? If it is boredom then perhaps a kennel is your solution for when you are away? Or having someone housesit. You're up here - Wodonga vet clinic has an excellent kenneling facility. There are also people who will dogsit dog friendly dogs. How far from Corroyong are you? I know the vets wife and she might know someone too.

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    As far as I know Shelties can be a bit barky, as can Border Collies (and Beagles for that matter! Most pack hunting scent hounds do).

    With the Sheltie - maybe time out will help. A crate inside. If you ask for the barking to stop and it doesn't - time out. In the crate. Then don't pay attention to any fuss that she might kick up - she only gets to come out when she's quiet. That way she will realise what behaviour you like, and what she will be rewarded for. Shelties are very smart.

    The other guys - that's a bit of a tricky one. They're obviously missing you more than you realise, and the change in routine is upsetting them. Maybe having them at the kennels or stay with a friend might be easier, less problematic with neighbours anyway!

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    In the past when dogs (not onlythese ones) have gone to kennels, they are a bit strange for a few days afterwards. with our dog carer now they are only strange for about 10 minutes then back to normal. we are convinced that they are happier with this arrangement that going to kennels. BTW, Wodonga is about 90 km away and Corryong is even further. We would take our dogs there if we had to, but not really an attractive proposition.

    I think the citronella collar sounds like a good alternative. as far as I know, there are no suitable dog sitters about locally. we will only use kennels as a last resort because we think the dogs are much happier at home.

    thanks again

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