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    i got a 9 week old german shepherd and iv taught him his name, to sit and come and im working on down n whatever too. but one thing i am really struggling with is getting him to walk on the lead.

    I put him on the lead and sort of put some treats out in front of his face and make him walk towards them then praise him and give it to him, rinse and repeat but he isn't really picking up on it all he still pulls, tugs, chews the lead whenever he can. Am i doing something wrong? is there something i can do better or do i just need to be vigilant.

    I am just coming here for help because it took literally 45 seconds to teach him to sit and i am having trouble with this now.


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    pulls, tugs, chews the lead whenever he can
    Hmm, pretty normal for puppy behaviour. What do you do when he does all that? Have you taught him "leave it", and treat for letting go of the lead. And always feed the treat from your left hip ie the proper heel position.

    And if you're feeling really co-ordinated, you can add a clicker to the process. "Charge the clicker up" then click treat for when he's in the right position.

    Do not join in any game of tug by tugging back. Maybe get some crib stop or other sort of taste yuk and apply to the lead.

    And shorten your sessions up.

    And try some without the lead. And use maybe a tug toy for a reward. This may seem weird, but he only gets a quick game of tug when he's done a couple of metres nice heel. Don't expect an attention span of longer than 30 seconds for a puppy.

    Also consider getting a horse lead for him - then you can use that for the tug reward too. And it takes much more effort to chomp through than a webbing lead (my dog could cut free in three bites).

    You will need to teach "give", "take", "hold", "pull/tug", to make tug toy reward work.

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    when he tugs i take it out of his mouth and say 'No' or "AH" something like that

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    He's probably reading that as joining in the game of tug - cos he's still doing it.

    So try "leave it", in a neutral tone of voice, hold a treat next to your hip, and give it to him if he lets go the lead. Do as much as you can to distract him from eating the lead without "growling" at him. Cos playing tug often involves growling. Try a squeaky toy as a distraction. If he lets go the lead and latches on to that, it's a start in the right direction. And then you can make him work for the squeaky.

    And loads of praise when he lets go the lead, and loads of praise if he gets 2 meters without chewing on the lead - ie try to catch him and praise him for doing it right. Try to make getting walking on lead right - as easy as possible, because it's too late when he gets it wrong.

    He's a puppy. His attention span is tiny. Tug is fun. Break walking on lead into tiny steps and do many very short sessions, with lots of play breaks. It might take a week to start getting it but that's better than months of playing tug instead of going for a walk.

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