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Thread: Useful Tricks/Commands?

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    Hi benjaminlea

    yes "what you say" or "speak" really good for training a dog when to bark and when not to. So you can teach "Quiet" for the inbetween time when dog is waiting for you to give the next "speak" command, but you start by teaching "speak".

    Dogs (my dog?) seem pretty canny when it comes to working for a treat. If they know whatever it is done on command - will bring a treat, they learn to do it - only on command - well not exactly - if something exciting and bark worthy goes past - she's going to start barking again, but if it's dinner we're excited about, then "speak" bark > treat, or even bark "speak" treat, will teach the dog the "speak" command, and then mine - will only bark (or growl) just enough to get the treat. She gets louder if you delay the treat...

    So I say "what you say" and she goes - very quiety - "rooow", and if I then say "louder" she get a little bit louder, and if I say "louder" again - she barks. Cos she wants that treat. She knows "what you say", I doubt she understands "louder" but she knows if she doesn't get the treat, she needs to speak up.

    So if she's barking her head off at the neighbours come home, I get her attention, show her a treat (sometimes), and ask her "what you say?", and she goes back to "rooww". Much quieter. And she gets a treat and I've completely distracted her from what she wasn't supposed to be barking at in the first place.

    And it always amuses kids at the oval.

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    I teach my dogs sit, stay, lay, heal, etc. My BC can be running at full speed in a dog park, there is a bicycle track that runs through the park and I have seen several dogs be taken out by a bike. I shout STOP and she will stop in her tracks. To me, this is the most valuable command a dog can know, there will always be a situation where you dog will need to know STOP, and you will certainly be grateful you've taught them when the situation arises.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post
    And there is a command for go to the toilet too, which is also useful.

    The toilet command would be one of the most useful commands I had with my old border collie, "have a piddle" saved me from hours of standing in the cold rain, instead it was in and out within a minute

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    My dogs have the sit , drop, stay, Get up, Like on the back of the Ute or what ever Im pointing to, on your bed, leave it, Enough , for when they are barking, When they are doing something they shouldnt be doing I clap My hands and distract them, then do a recall. This worked wonders when teaching sheebs to leave the chickens alone.

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    The most important thing the command had never taught a dog comes to you come.A is not trained to sit on my drop opinion.Apart stand for and my favorite is to pull him because he wants to take a lead with other dogs and after walking around. I will give him or bring him to His mouth and pull him Dragged me along the ground.

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    i would add in a command that means, stay here, tied up till i come and get you.

    being able to tie a dog out is very handy.

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