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    Does anyone have videos of obedience trials? I have competed in obedience in Finland with my both dogs but what I have read from internet, obedience trials in Australia are totally different from Scandinavian / European competitions. I would like to visit some trials while staying in Australia. Where could I find information of upcoming events?

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    where are you going to be? Australia is a big. What you write is like saying you'd like to see some trials when you visit Europe. We'd need to know which bit. Each state has their own list of events.

    There are loads of videos.
    YouTube - dog obedience trial

    What level of competition do you want to look at?
    Australian National Kennel Council

    the obedience rules are on that page and links to the state organisations are there somewhere too

    PS have you got any video of trials in Finland - I'd like to know what your trials look like.

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    My English sucks But thanks for your reply.

    I hope I will be able to travel through all states while staying in Australia. I am not get used to such big country so this different states, their lists etc. are new for me. It would be so much easier to look only one list but I understand that your country is a "bit" bigger

    I have youtubed obedience trials but find it a bit difficult to understand which video is from Australia and which from US and which class that video is about. Those rules for the obedience trials are helpful! But even more I would appreciate a video link of each class

    I tried to find a video of Finnish obedience trials. This was almost only video from the highest class YouTube - Toko Kangasala, EVL1 where is all the "tasks" (or how should I call those...) visible. The quality of the video is not the best possible. We have (I tried to find best English translation):

    1. Heel free
    2. Positions in motion
    3. Stand and drop on recall (?)
    4. Directed sendaway and recall
    5. Directed retrieve (?), multiple dumpbells
    6. Retrieve a metal dumpbell (jump)
    7. Scent discrimination (wooden sticks)
    8. Distance control (?)
    (9. 2 min sit stay - Handler out of sight
    10. 4 min down stay - Handler out of sight)

    I am more that happy to answer if you have questions

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    Hi Neve

    Our first level of obedience is CCD. You're supposed to have some competence with heel, sit, stay, recall etc, but only the recall and stays are off lead. So I think of this class as "beginners" but it took me a year of obedience training to get to "grade 5" - we got stuck because of dodgy stays and recalls, which is my club's requirement to pass before a team can start training for CCD competition.

    Your list of tasks also known as elements looks like our "utility dog" level, which is the highest my club trains to in Obedience. So you can have "utility dog" and "utility dog excellent".

    I will post links for my favourite local competitors. Though some of them have posted many many videos so you will need to search for trials.

    Something else you might want to see when you are here are "herding trials" ie where sheep dogs like border collies herd three sheep (or ducks) around a farm like obstacle course, eg through a gate, into a pen, up a ramp etc.

    I mostly know about South Australian competitions. We mostly stop dog comps and training over summer ie December and January and sometimes February - because it gets too hot. If the forecast is over 35'C they usually cancel. But some other places are cooler or have different seasons. Eg in the north / tropics, that time is the wet season, its hot and steamy with thunderstorms every afternoon and also cyclone season. Tasmania usually gets less hot but this is changing. They used to think 20'C was a horrible heat wave, but now they get 35'C plus too.

    This one features Daisy a beagle - who is just starting CCD (beginners). Queensland/Brisbane based.
    YouTube - becandmicha's Channel
    The handler is working on something called "training in drive" - I think she uses food drive.

    This trainer is more advanced, she is SA based.
    YouTube - ness's Channel

    She has two BC, the older one is Ness and the younger one is Kenz/Kenzie/Mad Midget
    She is working on training in drive (tug toys) with Kenz, Ness competes at Utility dog level. Kenz is up there, but the TID should help improve competition score and reliability of handling ie the dog is more likely to do what the handler asks/signals - no matter what. Although three sheep wandering past might be a problem at the moment.

    This one also has a dog at a high level and another coming on - also trying the TID. This one is SA based too.
    YouTube - Rivskys's Channel

    I just know more of the TID competitors than others so hence links to them. There's probably others but I'm not so familiar. And of course people using more standard methods at our club, don't put their training up on youtube or video it. Where as the TID program these other people are doing - requries them to put stuff up for the instructor who is based interstate (NSW) to give feedback and further instruction.

    If you look at their subscibers and who they are subscribed to - you may find more.

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    Thank you so much for your reply I have been most of the time in our summer cottage (it´s summer here) and haven´t been able to log into internet so that´s why I haven´t answered to this thread.

    Your beginners level looks much like ours but we do everything without leash. It is really great to see Beagle in obedience trials. I don´t remember ever seeing one in Finland doing obedience. Here most of them are hunting or show dogs.

    I would say all advanced trainers in Finland use drive in training (also food but mainly tug of war). I would really like to see people training their dogs to obedience trials in Australia while I am staying there. It would be nice to see if there are lots of differences in training techniques between our countries.

    I am definately intrested also seeing herding trials in Australia. We have those in Finland as well and I have trained my older BC for those but we haven´t competed (yet).

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    Hi Nev

    Glad to know there are still some places in the world without internet. We cheat here, in remote places, they get hooked up via satellite.

    I hope you find dates and places that fit your schedule on the websites I gave.

    I know my dog club has an obedience trial at the beginning of October in Adelaide (south parklands - easy walking from most back packer accomodation). But I don't know if that fits with your plans. Again - we don't hold any comps in December or January because of the likelihood of weather being too hot. The entire club shuts down and half the committee go to Victor Harbor (a bit like your summer house).

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