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    Alright, so I've been reading through these forums, and have come across a few things I really don't understand, so I thought I'd get some of them clarified by some members.

    One of these things is TOT. Can someone please explain to me what this means? I really have absolutely no clue, and none of the stuff I've read so far has explained it to me. How does it work? What does it stand for?

    Also, can someone explain Clicker training to me? I've heard of this before, and have some idea of what it is/how it works, but would like some more of an explanation of it from people who have used it.

    I've actually spent the entire last year at TAFE studying dog training, so it really sucks to me that I have absolutely no clue what half this stuff means. None of it has ever been explained to me through the entire course, it was simply 'teach the dog to do this, and this is how'. Really frustrating to me, because it just makes me feel more like I've wasted a year and a fortune of my parents money.

    I'd love any other tips on different training techniques, etc. I'm always looking to learn, and I'm still looking for a way I'm one hundred percent happy with as far as my own dog is concerned. I've got the basics done for him for the most part, and without treats- He sits, drops, comes when he's called, stays etc. I've taught him to leave anything I say is 'mine'( Bad, bad word to use for a leave it command, really- Will never forget the look on a jogger's face when I told my dog the dead duck floating in the pond he was sniffing was 'mine' ). His recall could be better, but it's hard to work on because I can't really let him off lead often, due to his problems with other dogs and phobias of things. I need to work on his lead work, which is my current focus. He has a routine he follows for his food. I think I'm doing ok, but again, always willing to learn!!

    thankyou in advance, and apologies for the long post!

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    Wow, so many things you want to know. I'm going to hope that Hyacinth is going to see your post because she's great at posting links that can give you a run down rather than post all this information out which would take a while.

    I few tips until she gets here though - clicker training is using a conditioned reinforcer or as I call it a bridge or as others might call it a marker.

    If you google conditioned reinforcer dog training I'm sure some tips will come up.

    Food is a great way to train a dog (using it combined with your bridge) the trick is in the weaning off of the food. You can build an association between food and pats so that one is as important as the other. Knowing when to wean off the food and start to go to what's known as an intermittent schedule of reward is the tough part. But basically when your dog does it 9 out of 10 times asked is when to start.

    Years ago I trained without food for all the basics and only used food for dumb-bell work and longboard stuff. If your dog likes toys etc you can substitute playing with a toy for food.

    Todays methods are all about the dog choosing the reward, in other words what's the most important thing to it and then using that as it's reward or encouragement to improve it's behaviour or to carry out certain tasks.

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    TOT is Triangle of temptation. That is all I know really about it as I have never used it. Others have and you should be able to search threads here and google it.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    T.O.T. is the triangle of temptation. Do a search on Training in Drive, you'll find loads.
    A lot of sights that use this method, are more your police dog advanced training.
    But T.O.T. if you search on here, you'll find.
    I seriously recommend it. Seriously.
    I read the article. Took 24 hrs and 6 meal times for my very hungry pup, never having been trained before by anyone to do anything, to understand, be quite while i tie you up, sit, stay, remain sat when i untie you, till i give command 'ok', all off lead, with me 20 paces away for 5 mins before i let him have the reward, his food. In 24 hrs!
    Can you train that fast?
    Im not a professional trainer. But have trained all 5 of my previous dogs. 2 of them competed in obedience well. Ive never seen results like this before!
    I tried K9, not to my liking. money ill spent on distant learning package. But that is a subjective opinion obviously. And if you do decide to go 'there', you'll be able to read the adverts that fill 80% of the material, stating how good it is.
    look up Shutzhund Training. They use T.O.T.
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