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    I am just after some tips on house breaking i have a puppy that turned 1 about a month ago and she ocasionaly comes inside for a cuddle but not for long and if she went to the toilet inside we put her out straight away but because she isnt in often i dont think she is fully house broken she hasnt gone to the toilet inside for quite a while but she nearly has but we caught her just before so plz give me some tips.......

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    Their learning is based on repetition. So it needs to be done over and again, with positive reinforcment for doing the right thing. It's harder to do if it's only occasional.

    Maybe set a time each day or so where she comes in for a little while so that it becomes routine?

    One easy tip can be if you want to bring her in, wait until she goes, then use a command word (I use "Hurry up" but some use "Toilet" etc), praise/reward her and then bring her in. When she's in, take he out every half hour to an hour and give the same word. Don't play with her, if she comes up to you turn or walk away and give the command again. If she wanders off and goes then you need to make a great big deal about how clever she is, reward and praise then take her back inside again.

    You can toilet train a dog at any age, it just needs patience and vigilance. You need to be aware of her when she's inside, and jump into action if she gets up and starts sniffing around looking for a spot.

    And alos, when she's in, she should have a place where she lies down, her "bed" so that she's not just wandering through the house. That way she knows the routine and what's expected of her, and you're able to see very quickly if she starts being restless.

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    Agree with Nat.
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    I read house break and thought break and enter eg burglars. Sigh.

    You need to watch for and recognise signs of puppy needing to go eg sniffing the ground in corners.

    It is very important not to yell at her if she goes inside because that will only make her hide when she needs to go.

    Take her outside every half hour if you have her inside, and let her sniff for a while and tell her the toilet word and give her a treat for going outside if she goes. My dog being a mostly inside dog - I wait outside till she goes, but she also tells me when I need to let her out and is quite persistant. She needs to be when I get hypnotised by computer.

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    Thanks 4 all ur thoughts and she always sniffs around the house so it is hard to tell when she needs to go to the toilet.....

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    shes prob sniffing around a lot because she does not get in often....

    why not let her in more? Our dog is out all day, and then inside from 6 pm until 11pm when we goto bed, then back outside to kennel. If she is in more you get more cuddles, she gets used to the house and its rules (toilet trained) etc. Sounds like a win win situation.

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    I house trained mine by having a word or our case widdle widdle and took them outside saying this, stayed there ignoring them till it was done, saying the word as they were doing it and reward..either praise or a treat when they did. As I live on a farm I also peed in the lawn myself to show them. Some people have peed in a bucket inside then used that, pouring it outside, to get the point across. The are nearly 8 months old now. The male took longer than the female to catch on. They also now go to the door when they want to go out. This was done by me scraping a paw on the door, saying widdle widdle, reward after they went outside (was so funny at times, they would squat in synchronised swimming) and then they were back inside again.
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    I brought my german short haired pointer up as an inside dog from day way (8 weeks). Slept in my bed and everything. All i do every morning was carry here outside and say toilet (being the morning she always goes). There were some inside accidents, but she was housed trained in 2 weeks. If you take them outside every hour or so and say toilet and wait til they go, reward he/she and say good dog and pat him/her. My dog ONLY wee's in my backyard, never goes on walks dunno y.

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