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Thread: Pup Greeting Everyone by Putting His Mouth on Them and Slobbering All Over Them

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    Smile Pup Greeting Everyone by Putting His Mouth on Them and Slobbering All Over Them

    I have a male newfie who turns one this weekend. He has been to puppy school and knows how to sit, stay, lie down, heel on lead etc. I did not continue on to obedience school but am now planning on joining one locally.

    'George' is a very happy dog and, as he lives mainly outdoors, he is very happy when someone comes outside to see him. He used to get so excited he would jump up, but thankfully we have trained him out of this bad habit.

    Now, he just can't seem to resist greeting you by putting his mouth on you. I understand that this is the natural way dogs greet each other (ie by smelling each other) but given his monsterous size and slobbering capability, it is simply not practical to change your clothes everytime you walk outside to give the dog a pat.

    I have taught him that to recieve attention he must sit down. So he will trot up to you and if you ask him to sit he will (in most cases, before his slobbering mouth has reached you). But as soon as you go to pat him he can't stop himself and launges forward to plant a big slobbery kiss on your thigh or hip.

    Naturally, being such a large dog I am also cautious that people who meet him for the first time may get frightened thinking that he is going to bite them, or at best have their clothes saturated.

    Any suggestions on how I can train him out of this? Thanks!

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    Hee hee. I got such a good mental image reading this one! I grew up with a Newfie and remember the slobber well... everywhere!!

    It's a hard thing to curb when he's so young still. You might find that the more attention he gets the less he does it - as he also gets a little older and less excitable! The hard thing with things like this is that often they get less attention due to the problem which only exacerbates it.

    Maybe try getting him out and about as much as you can so he gets more used to people approaching him and less carried away by the idea!

    Good luck - give him a (damp) hug from me!!

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